Shiori Futara
Personal Info
Name Shiori Futara
Birthday September 3rd 2009
Age 16
Gender Female
Eyes Reddish Purple
Hair Light Brown
Place of Residence Hokkaido Japan
Occupation GGO Player

2nd Year Highschool Student

Family Unnamed Parents

Koshiro Futara (Older Brother)

Player Profile
Display Name Suzu
Occupation Diamond Dogs
Affiliation Diamond Dogs (GGO)

Sarashiki Academy (RL)

Status Alive
Primary Skill Optical Camo
Unique Skill Optical Camo
Unique Weapon MP5K

Shiori Futara is a Gun Gale Online Player and 2nd-year highschool student. She is also the Younger sister and protege of Koshiro Futara. She is a young member of the large GGO clan, Diamond Dogs. She lives in Hokkaido, Japan with her brother and the age of 16.


Outside of GGO, she has hair similar to her brother's. She has light purple eyes and two pink ribbons at the side of her bed. Inside GGO, she is a little shorter and has two big white ribbons on the side of her hair. In GGO she wears multicam military fatigues and sometimes a green poncho to blend with forestry.


Shiori (GGO) (Minus the school uniform


Shiori (IRL)


In game, she is quirky and often scared and shy about everything. But outside the game, she is a bit bratty and curious about everything. Guys often hit on her at school for being cute which brings out the shy part of her.

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