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Shioko Kirigaya
Shioko (SAO)
Name Shioko Kirigaya
Kanji 桐ヶ谷塩児
Romanisation Kirigaya Shioko
Alias Black Swordsman
Personal Status
Birthdate October 7, 2008
Age 14 (Chaos Labyrinth)
15 (Project Dreamscape)
16 (Fairy Dance)
17 (Dark Yggdrasil)
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height 170 cm
Weight 58 kg
Blood Type A
Hometown Tokyo, Japan
Family Unnamed Father (Deceased)
Unnamed Mother (Deceased)
Midori Kirigaya (Aunt; Surrogate Mother)
Minetaka Kirigaya (Uncle-in-law; Surrogate Father)
Suguha Kirigaya (Cousin; Adoptive Sister)
Hanako Hasegawa (Adoptive Younger Sister)
Kirei Yūki (Boyfriend/In-game Husband)
[[w:c:swordartonline:Yui|]] (In-game Adoptive Daughter)
Partner Kirei
Occupation High School Student (Fairy Dance)
Sweeper (Dark Yggdrasil)
Previous Occupation Middle School Student (Pre-Chaos Labyrinth)
Clearer (Chaos Labyrinth)
Affiliation Her Unnamed Party (Project Dreamscape) (Fairy Dance)
Previous Affiliation Herself (Chaos Labyrinth)
Team Her Unnamed Party
Rank Rank #1 (SAO)
Rank #3 (ALO)
Classification Solo Player
Character Registration NEJI-001
VR Worlds Sword Art Online
ALfheim Online
Gun Gale Online

Shioko Kirigaya (桐ヶ谷塩児, Kirigaya Shioko), known as Shiki in Sword Art Online, ALfheim Online and [[w:c:swordartonline:Gun Gale Online|]], is the protagonist in Sword Art Online: Reversal Rewind written by Yasuda Izumi.


Born on a balmy October day, Shioko Kirigaya was a small bundle of joy. One year after her birth, she was adopted by her aunt and uncle-in-law because of the tragic death of her parents in an accident. Originally, her grandfather forced her to train in their family dojo. She learned kendo for several years up until she turned 12. She then dropped kendo and got hooked on computer games due to her aunt's job.

This earned a loud scolding from her grandfather to which, her siste defended Shioko. Suguha then promised to train enough for both himself and Shioko. Not long after, the Kirigaya family adopted one more child into the family, the girl's name being Hanako Hasegawa. Now, she is Hanako Kirigaya, although she refuses to call herself by this name as she is still proud of her parents' name.

One day, Shioko made a discovery. She found that she was, in fact, not Suguha's biological sister but her cousin. Because of this, Shioko began to unconsciously distance herself from Suguha. She became more and more attached to the computer screen. She was an excellent gamer, to begin with, but she proved her skills in the Sword Art Online: Closed Beta and rose to the top. Hanako would follow her big sister's example and also get hooked on games.

Tragedy finally struck upon the official release of Sword Art Online. Both Kirigaya siblings were plucked from their world and locked in the world of virtual reality.


Shioko is a proud girl. She is not vain but proud. This combination may seem impossible but she somehow manages to pull it off. She also is quite the "tomboy", although her appearance is very feminine (although at first glance, she can be confused to be male).

She is very protective of her family and the people that are important to her. Although she herself didn't know it, she had fallen in love with Kirei Yūki, ever since he made a move in Prelude to Star-crossed Joy. She fell hard for him on the fourth floor when the latter was being hit on by Aenwyn and Aleesia, two elven NPCs who would adventure through SAO with Shioko.

In the Fairy Dance arc, she proved to be unrelenting in her search for her missing sister. Upon finally encountering Sugō Nobuyuki, her vengeance boiled over and she brutally killed his avatar. Her crazy side would show more when she began laughing at his silly and painful cries after losing both hands.

In the Dark Yggdrasil arc, she would develop an, at first, explosive rivalry with Ryōta Sumeragi. It got to the point of the two dueling each other to the death just to decide which of their guilds (Knights of the Blood or Shamrock) would get to advance and find the final boss of the Svart Alfheim area. Shioko won narrowly and her guild went to clear the area. No sooner after, Shamrock and Knights of the Blood would join hands, uniting the two strongest guilds in ALO (since most Page Ones were from these two guilds).


In SAO, Shioko wore clothing that sometimes only scantily covered her abdomen. She was strangely not bothered by this but she does sometimes complain about how cold it is. Her clothing is always black to match her eye and hair color. After losing a duel with [[w:c:swordartonline:Heathcliff|]], she was forced to enter into the Knights of the Blood Oath. Her KoB uniform was a lot safer since it finally covered everything. After taking a temporary leave from the guild to celebrate her marriage with Kirei, she stated that the KoB uniform is more sound than her original wear and got an onyx black uniform specifically made for her.

In ALO, Shioko chose the Cait Sith race. However, she got a rare avatar. Instead of cat-like characteristics, Shioko received the appearance of a fox. She utterly hates it when someone plays with her tail. The only people who can play with her tail and not be decapitated are her friends in the Knights of the Blood guild, to which she officially joined.


Sword Art Online: Annulment

Chaos Labyrinth

Project Dreamscape

Fairy Dance

Dark Yggdrasil

Sword Art Online: Origin

Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale

Chalice of Truth: Singularity


Sword Art Online

Stat Value Time
Level 1 November 6, 2022
4 November 6, 1700 hours[1]
13 December 8, 2022[2]
14 December 12, 2022[3]
15 December 14, 2022[4]
17 December 19, 2022[5]
300 End of Game (November 2024)
Hit Points (HP) 250 November 6, 2022
1323 December 15, 2022[6]
332852 End of Game (November 2024)

ALfheim Online

Chalice of Truth

Known Equipment

Sword Art Online

Equipment Type Date Obtained Replaced With Attainment Notes
«Small Sword»One-handed SwordStart of Game«[[w:c:swordartonline:Anneal Blade|]]»N/AN/A
«[[w:c:swordartonline:Anneal Blade|]]»One-handed SwordMid-November 2022N/A«Secret Medicine of the Forest» Quest RewardShioko has two for usage in her Dual Blades skill
One was broken during 3rd Floor boss battle
«Coat of Midnight»Leather CoatDecember 7, 2022«Cyclonic Sea Cloak»First Floor Last Attack BonusN/A
«Senbakiri»KatanaDecember 8, 2022N/A«Prime Cuts» Quest RewardN/A
«Clover Ring»RingDecember 14, 2022N/A«Jade Key» Quest RewardN/A
«Cyclonic Sea Cloak»Leather CoatDecember 19th, 2022TBAFourth Floor Last Attack BonusN/A
«Golden Sun Circlet»Forehead Ornament (Helmet)December 19, 2022N/A«Retrieve the Body of Phaëthon» Quest RewardOriginally worn by the Heliades
«Anaklusmos»One-handed SwordJanuary 23, 2023?N/AGiven by Athenian NPCs during Greco-Persian Wars Part I Grand QuestN/A
«Elucidator»One-handed SwordTBA«Prismblade: Exeterna»Fiftieth Floor Last Attack BonusN/A
«Blackwrym Coat»Leather CoatTBAN/APlayer-made by [[w:c:swordartonline:Ashley|]]N/A
«Dark Repulser»One-handed SwordTBAN/APlayer-made by AsanoN/A
«Prismblade: Exeterna»One-handed SwordTBAN/AArcane Hollow Mission «Dragon of Infinite Might» Clear RewardN/A

ALfheim Online

Equipment Type Date Obtained Replaced With Attainment Notes
«Senbakiri»KatanaDecember 8, 2022N/A«Prime Cuts» Quest RewardShioko had saved the sword data into her NerveGear which allowed her to transfer the sword safely from SAO to ALO
«Divination»One-handed SwordJanuary 3, 2025«Holy Sword Excalibur» and «Demonic Sword Excalibur Morgan»Forged upon request by AsanoShioko requested two swords be forged so that she could again use her unique Dual Blades skill
«Holy Sword Excalibur»One-handed SwordSeptember 18, 2025N/AGiven by dying King ArthurN/A
«Demonic Sword Excalibur Morgan»One-handed SwordOctober 31, 2025N/AReward for clearing «Blackened Camelot» SingularityN/A


Sword Art Online

SKILL SLOTS (Chaos Labyrinth and Project Dreamscape Arcs)
One Handed Sword Dual Blades Katana Blade Throwing Parry
980 / 1000
967 / 1000
Battle Healing Searching Hiding Sprint Extended Weight Limit
944 / 1000
870 / 1000
949 / 1000
First Aid Fishing
744 / 1000
643 / 1000

Sword Skils

One-Handed Sword
Dual Blades

Due to Shioko not mastering the Curved Sword, she does not have access to the sword skills for the katana even though she still gained proficiency. However, the server glitch on the 75th floor gave her access to said sword skills.

Outside System Skill

ALfheim Online

SKILL SLOTS (Fairy Dance and Dark Yggdrasil Arcs)
One Handed Sword Dual Blades Katana Blade Throwing Parry
967 / 1000
Battle Healing Searching Hiding Sprint Extended Weight Limit
944 / 1000
870 / 1000
949 / 1000
First Aid Fishing
744 / 1000
643 / 1000

Sword Skills

One-Handed Sword

Excluding 'Shadow Explosion', all one-handed sword skills remains the same as those introduced in Sword Art Online. However, active sword skills are now always blue, until the update which introduces elemental damage to sword skills.

Dual Blades

ALfheim Online does have a Dual Blades skill since Kayaba laid the groundwork for ALO, meaning that it just had to be built up from where Kayaba left off. However, this time, two people have the skill: Shioko and Rain (although technically, Rain wouldn't be considered as having the "Dual Blades" skill as she is a multi-wielder).

  • Cygnus Onslaught - This skill was inaccessible in SAO because flight is needed to use it
  • Secretcalibur - A unique twelve-hit sword skill Shioko learned upon obtaining both the Holy Sword Excalibur and the Demonic Sword Excalibur Morgan

In ALO, Shioko gained an extra skill and maxed out her katana proficiency, which proceeded to give her the final sword skill.

Original Sword Skills

All of Shioko's OSSs are for the katana and were compiled over the course of the Fairy Dance, Mother's Rosario/Twin Calibur side stories, successfully transcribing all 49 of them by the beginning of the Dark Yggdrasil arc.

Outside System Skills

Chalice of Truth

Strength: B+
Endurance: B
Agility: A++
Mana: B
Luck: C-
Noble Phantasm: A+++


Noble Phantasms



  1. Prologue
  2. Calypso of Two Swords
  3. Meeting of Powerful Strategists
  4. Dance of the Crane
  5. Equestrian of the Seas
  6. Into the Inferno

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