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Personal Info
Name Yoshida Shinzaburo
Kanji ヨシダ シンザブロ
Romanji Yoshida Shinzaburo
Birthday January 7, 2009
Age 13(Beginning)-14-15(Endgame)
Gender Male
Height 164 cm
Weight 52 kg
Eyes Electric Blue
Hair Black
Occupation Student (RL)
Player Profile
Display Name Shinzayo
Kanji シンザヨ
Romanji Shinzayo
Occupation Blacksmith
Partner Chiharu
Status Alive
Unique Weapon Erdeblitz
First Appearance TBA

Shinzayo (シンザヨ) was one of the 10,000 players trapped in Sword Art Online.


Real Life

In real life, Shinzaburo, (Mainly just called Shinza, or Shinza-kun) has black hair, and electric blue eyes. This is due to the fact that his mother is American and his father is Japanese. However, he was born in, and has lived in Japan for all his life. He doesn't really care about how he dresses in real life, and normally just wears jeans and a blue hoodie.

In-game (SAO)

In SAO, Shinzayo didn't change his hair or eye color, even before the mirrors came out. He just wore a blue hooded coat that reminded him of his hoodie in real life over his armor. He added metal guards to the coat and to his pants and black combat boots. He had forged the guards himself.


Shinzayo chose Leprechaun for his race. He tried to make his clothing as similar to his clothing in SAO. He bought a deep blue coat with black accents and metal plates and added shin guards to that and his boots.


Shinzayo is a bit shy, and not that sociable, but gets much friendlier and open once you get to know him. He has some proficiency in sports, but he doesn't always play them, because he doesn't know many people to play with. He only talks in class when he answers a question, but his voice is sometimes hard to hear.


Shinza belongs to a rich family, which means he lives in a big empty mansion. This leaves him to be lonely, which is why he started gaming. When he heard about SAO, he tried to get into the beta testing, but wasn't able to. With his hefty allowance, he bought the NerveGear himself, and wanted to camp out for the game, thinking it would be a new experience but his parents didn't let him, thinking it would be better for him to just buy it online.


Shinzayo and Chiharu agreed to meet up at the beginning of SAO. When it was revealed to be a death game, he and Chiharu joined the guild Ivory Light, which was owned by Chiharu's neighbor. Shinzayo survived SAO. SAO


  • Chiharu: Shinzayo met Chiharu in preschool, and have stayed friends since then. When they first met, he thought she was too loud, but he soon grew used to it. However, he still has to tell her to quiet down sometimes so she doesn't disturb anyone. Chiharu thought that being rich had really good benefits, despite being distant from your parents, so when they hung out, she preferred to do it at his house, finding it much more interesting.  He considers her to be a really good friend, since she helps him out with people when he's shy, and they both trust each other. They agreed to meet up at the spawn point in SAO to train together.
  • Vanessa: Shinzayo didn't know much about her other than the fact that she was Chiharu's neighbor, but he joined her guild to improve his skills.


Sword Art Online

  • Level: 84
  • HP: 14239

Main Equipment

  • Erdeblitz
One-Handed War Hammer Battle Healing Sewing Slash Weapon Forging Sales Negotiation
456 / 1000
567 / 1000
876 / 1000
895 / 1000
Metal Equipment Repairing Light Metal Forging Blunt Weapon Forging Equipment Appraisal Metal Refining
756 / 1000
897 / 1000
845 / 1000
768 / 1000
898 / 1000
Thrust Weapon Forging Sprint
894 / 1000
765 / 1000

Alfheim Online

  • Level:
  • HP:
  • MP:

Main Equipment



Notable Achievements

  • Shinzayo created Friedensblume (Chiharu's weapon) in SAO
  • He also created Friedensblume's successor, Heilenblume (ALO)



  • In the guild he was in, Ivory Light, he made weapons and equipment for his fellow guildmates
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