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Shinigami Skill
Skill Info
Kanji 死神
Romaji Shinigami
Category Weapon Skill
Combat Skill
Unique Skill
User(s) Yumeko Fujiwara

Shinigami is a Unique Skill that is given to the most merciless player. Yumeko was also able to import this skill to ALO, and GGO.


Shinigami is a skill that can be used with any weapon or in empty hand combat. It allows the player to strike someone at any range even from a long distance and kill them instantly. When used the weapon or part of the body gains a dark blackish-purple aura and this aura is what causes instant death, it bypasses all defenses and can be morphed into beams, waves, and so on. Because of the flexibility of this aura, even if the user misses a direct strike, the skill will hit the target anyway.


Empty Hand Techniques

  • Shadow Fist: The user covers their arm in the dark shroud of energy and punches a target, if far away the punch launches a giant fist of Shinigami Energy at the target.
  • Dark Pierce: The user shoots a beam of Shinigami Energy at a target piercing them straight through the body.
  • Kiss Of The Reaper: This technique is used to kill someone unexpectedly as the aura is concentrated in the mouth. This kiss of death is one of Yumeko's Favorite Moves.

Weapon Techniques

  • Darkness Crescent: This move is used with bladed weapons such as scythes or swords. The user swings their blade after covering it in the aura and generates a huge crescent shaped wave of dark energy that mows down anything in it's path killing them instantly. This is commonly used on multiple enemies.
  • Death Strike: Used with any weapon this technique is used for quick kills against a single target.



  • Shinigami means God Of Death in Japanese.
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