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Authority of the Mind's Eye
Skill Info
Kanji 心眼通
Romaji Shingatsu
VRMMORPG New ALfhiem Online
Category Combat Skill, Unique Skill
User(s) Yakuza
Appears in Sword Art Online: New Aincrad
I may not have my eyes, but I have the world instead.
~ Yakuza

Shingantsu is the unique skill of Yakuza. He gained this ability by sealing away his sense of sight, sewing his eyes. After hard training, he gained this unique skill.


By sealing away his sight, the sense that everyone trust the most, his other four senses where incredibly powered up:

  • Hearing: he can hear almost anything much major radius in comparison to any other player.
  • Touch: he can feel the vibrations of both the air and the ground, serving as detector of anything or anyone.
  • Smell: he can detect smells in a much more efficient way.
  • Taste: probably the less useful sense, but as it is connected to the sense of smell, it further increases it abilities.
  • Radar: to replace his sense of sight, he gained this radar sense, as a combination of both audition and touch. This sense allows him to detect vibrations on both air and earth to perceive objects, people, and other aspects of the environment, allowing him to "see" 360º, in all directions.

All this combined abilities  allow Yakuza to almost anticipate his opponent’s actions. He claims that he can see the entire world, and comments that his ability to perceive his surroundings surpassed that of anything he could have hoped to achieve with his eyes open.


  • Men! Dou! Kote! (面胴小手 Head!Body!Wrist!) - Attacks with either one or two blades head, body and wrist/s of the opponent. He doesn't have to perform this attack on that order. He can use it according to his will.
  • Tsuki (突き Thrust) - A powerful thrust.
  • Zanzōken (残像拳 Afterimage) - Yakuza moves so swiftly that an image of the user is left behind.
  • Shinsoku: Senbonzuki (神速千本突き Godspeed: One Thousand Thrusts) - While wielding two blades, he assaults his opponent with a series of high-speed sword thrusts.
  • Hissatsu: Isshin Zenzanken (必殺一心全山劍 Finishing Move: Sword of the Mind's Mountain) - Yakuza combines his blades into one, which he uses to strike his opponent with tremendous force.
  • Shingan Tensenzuki (心眼|シンガン テンセンズキ) - By increasing the speed of his thrust attacks, Yakuza can perform multiple strikes at a blinding speed, fooling his opponents into believing they are being attacked at the speed of light.


  • The skill resembles Daredevil's superpowers.
  • The radar sense is based on both the Byakugan and the Seismic Sense.
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