Shoichi Shin ( 正一, Shoichi) is the first half of the older Shin brothers, two of the main protagonists, in the Sword Art Online: Untold series created by Densha and Stormbreaker of the BTGProject. He resides in the Sword Art Online universe and was there when the death game began. Sho and his brother Raiden were among the 10,000 players who were trapped inside.


In real life, Sho is five feet ten inches tall. He has short spiky black hair typically in a buzz cut. However, if he forgets to visit the barber, which is often, his hair does get rather long. It has been compared to spiny durian. Sho's eyes are black, so black that it sometimes hides his pupil. His build is above average, being quite muscular for a kid his age. He usually wears short-sleeved t-shirts and jeans or khakis when not at school. Since he went to a more prestigious school, he had to wear a uniform complete with a tucked in dress shirt, tie, belt, and dress pants. He never liked this style of clothing and it always bothered him to be restrained and constricted.

At the beginning of Sword Art Online, he starts off wearing a green short-sleeved shirt, tan pants, and black boots. On the third floor, he wears a dark green long-sleeved shirt with a matching set of dark green pants held up by a black belt with a dull black buckle. Over his shirt, he has on a brown leather vest that covered up his chest with a single strap going down from his right shoulder to his left hip. Connected to that strap was the sheath to his staff. On his feet was a pair of dark green boots. He wore black fingerless gloves with extra grip on the inside of his palms. All in all, he sported a dark green set of clothing and wielded a staff.



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