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Shamrock Symbol
Guild Info
Kanji シャムロック
Romaji Shamurokku
VRMMORPG ALfheim Online
Founder Seven
Focus Sweeper Guild
Base of Operations The Floating City of Ryne
Status Active

Shamrock is the main antagonist guild during the Dark Yggdrasil arc of Yasuda Izumi's Sword Art Online: Annulment fanfiction.


The guild's symbol is a three-leaved clover. It symbolizes the three faces of the guild: Seven, Sumeragi and Rain. Initially, this symbolism was nonexistent. Seven announced the officialism of the symbol upon holding her first concert with Rain together.[1]


Immediately after starting ALO, Seven and Sumeragi co-founded Shamrock together. Over a period of several weeks, Shamrock grew into a large guild, partly because of Seven's in-game reputation and her real-life job.


Sword Art Online: Annulment

Fairy Dance Arc

Dark Yggdrasil Arc


Before the update, Shamrock's headquarters were in the neutral city of [[w:c:swordartonline:Alne|]], at the foot of the World Tree. After the update, both Seven and Sumeragi agreed to move the headquarters to The Floating City of Ryne on the Svart Alfheim continent.

Known Members

Notable Achievements


  1. Volume XIV, Chapter II
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