Shadow Step
Skill Info
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
User(s) Persephone

Shadow Step is a unique skill given to the player who has killed the most enemies without being sighted first. It was given to Persephone. The skill allows the user to teleport from one of an enemy's blind spots to another, and to blend into the shadows.

It also grants the sword skill Shadow Blade.


-Shadow Step: Whenever a player is in the blind spot, obscured, hiding or otherwise unseen by an enemy player or boss, the player can teleport to any other place where the enemy would not see them. This is useful for escapes or strategic positioning.

-Shadow Walker: This passive ability makes a player hidden, silent, and much faster when they are standing in the shadows. They are still trackable, however, and once spotted all effects wear off.

-Shadow Shield: The user can summon shadows to form a shield in front of them, protecting them from sight. This is usually partnered with Shadow Step immediately afterwards.

-Shadow Blade: A ranged attack that is performed by standing out of sight, charging the sword with shadows, and launching a ranged attack from the sword for a massive amount of damage. The gathered shadows can also be used to 'charge up' normal melee attacks, increasing damage.

This can also be used with weapons other than swords, such as fists or throwing picks.

Passive: The skill grants bonuses to speed and agility. If the player does not have the Hiding or Acrobatics skills it will give them to the player for free. If they do (as in the case of Percy) they will be automatically maxed out.


  • Persephone


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