Shadow Sparrow
Item Info
Name Shadow Sparrow
Kanji 影雀
Romaji Kage Suzume
Epithet Sickle-Bow of Shadows
VRMMORPG Endless Utopia Online
Item Type Weapon
Sub-type Dual Kama/Bow

The Shadow Sparrow is Jin Mizusawa's primary weapon in Endless Utopia Online. The weapon can quickly switch from a pair of Kama blades to a bow configuration that allows Jin to launch arrows of pure Darkness.


The Shadow Sparrow takes the form of two Kama with elongated blades that are connected to the main staff with an elaborate design that appears to resemble a compound bow split in half. The staff of the Kama itself is around 35 centimeters in length; this portion of the Kama can be collapsed when in bow form. When imbued with Jin's Darkness, the Shadow Sparrow's dual Kama essentially become full-fledged scythes, with shadowy blades and extended staves.

When combined, the Shadow Sparrow becomes a weapon similar to a compound bow, but lacking the additional technological advances and drawstring. The bow arms in this form are the blades of the Kama that create this form, allowing Jin to wield the bow as a melee weapon should the need arise. How the Shadow Sparrow fires its arrows is where the weapon gets its name and epithet. By channeling his Darkness into the weapon, Jin can create an arrow and drawstring out of dark energy. Jin has been able to develop a variety of arrow types, with his most commonly used arrows being standard piercing-impact arrows, explosive Shadow arrows, non-lethal impact arrows, tether arrows, and smoke-cloud arrows.


  • The Shadow Sparrow's concept was fleshed out while I wrote Jin's page and decided on him being a hunter.
  • The weapon is capable of using the Weapon Release technique, though Jin has yet to discover this ability.
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