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Shadow Slayer's Son
Quest Info
Kanji 影殺害者の息子
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location Abandoned Temple of the Dark (Floor 19)
Boss Nero, Inheritor of Abyss
Reward 10,000 Cor
Thorned Shadows
Miscellaneous loot
Status Completed

Shadow Slayer's Son is a quest within Sword Art Online. Players can only attempt the quest once. If the attempt is failed, players will lose access to the quest and cannot retry it.

This quest is set to appear in Sword Art Online: Specter's Origin.


On Floor 19, somewhere deep within the Hill of the Cross, lies an injured NPC named "Kyrie." Approach her and ask her what has happened. She states that her lover has run rampant, possessed by the demon within him, and injured her as he made his way to a temple deeper in the Hill. With her dying breath, she asks you to stop her lover and put him out of his misery. She will then go limp and disintegrate, thus initiating the quest.


Deep in the forests surrounding the Hill of the Cross is a ruined temple with a demonic presence lingering within. While small on the outside, this temple is disproportionately large and incredible vast within. There are many rooms to explore, and various chests to loot. At the center of this temple is an ancient elevator platform, which will take you down to the underground area where the boss fight will commence.


  • Primary - Kill Nero, Inheritor of Abyss
  • Secondary:
    • Explore the Temple
    • Loot the chests


  • Thorned Shadows - Ultra-rare drop from killing the Boss
  • Death's Saw - Rare item found by looting the temple
  • Cor
  • Random blacksmithing/crafting materials, low- to mid-level


(Series name)

Known Attempts


  • This quest is inspired by Devil May Cry 4.
    • The boss's name comes from Nero, one of the protagonists of said game.
    • The quest giver's name comes from Kyrie, a side character in said game.
  • The reason this quest cannot be initiated again if players fail to complete it successfully the first time is because the quest-giver dies giving you the quest. Failing it results in losing the quest from one's quest log, and the NPC will not respawn to give you the quest once more.
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