This item, Shadow Set, is property of Kaizawaraiko.

Shadow Set
Item Info
Kanji シャッドー・セット
Romaji Shaddo・Setto
VRMMORPG ALfheim Online
Quest Various
Obtained By Monster Drop

Shadow Set (シャッドー・セット, Shaddo・Setto) is a set of equipment that can be obtained in ALfheim Online. It is currently in possession of Tsukiyomi.

The set includes a coat, a ring and a necklace. This equipment set adds 1953 to the user's maximum HP and decreases the received critical damage by 8%.


Shadow Cloak

A black coat that reaches just past the waist, this was obtained from the chest reward of the Whirlpool Dragon Tyrant Quest in ALfheim Online. It only has two grey buttons, and a white lining on the edges, and white patches on the shoulder area. A black-and-white strap sits around the wearer's neck, sealed on the end by another button.

Upon owning this equipment, user Tsukiyomi had the symbol of the Knights of Round stitched on its right sleeve.

Shadow Necklace

A rather simple necklace with an obsidian stone.

Shadow Ring

A silver ring having also a small obsidian stone sitting on it. It was originally obtained by Gwenhwyfar during the raid of Muspelheim and Nifhleim in the Ragnarok Quest.





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