Shadow Ninja Online
VRMMO Information
Kanji 影忍者オンライン
Romaji Kageninja onrain
Developer Eris
Release Date 29 August 2035
Genre Ninja
Usable Hardware Amusphere

Shadow Ninja Online is a VRMMORPG created created after the world-wide release of the «World Seed». The gameplay avatars involves humans known as Shinobi (Ninja).

Gameplay Basis

The game's avatars are humans,

Once the game starts up, the player is required to choose what they want there character to look like and then they are either randomly selected to join a village (For beginners that haven't already play on a MMO) or they are chosen to join a specific village (for players that have come from a different MMO this will be based on your stats).

Virtual Reality Experience

This game allows the player to taste, feel and experience what life would be like as a ninja. This game doesn't have any sword skills, it has a thing similar to magic, but instead of saying a spell you activate the ability.


The game's environment consists of jungles, forests, rivers, mountians, deserts, ice tundra and oceans.


The game is a similar to SAO, ALO and GGO. The