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Shadow Explosion
Shadow Explosion (HF)
Sword Skill Info
Kanji シャドー・エクスプロージョン
Romaji Shadō Ekusupurōjon
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
ALfheim Online (Only as an OSS)
Weapon Skill Any two one-handed sword
Color Deep Pink (SAO and ALO)
User(s) Shiota

Shadow Explosion is the one-handed sword esoteric, or arcane, skill obtained after defeating Princess Valnagia with the one-handed sword.


This skill consists of seven powerful hits. The user slashes from top right to bottom left once but the system registers it as two hits. The user then brings their sword up again before spinning 90-degrees counterclockwise and slashing in the same fashion as the first although at a slightly lower angle. The user completes their spin and slashes again in the same fashion, this time almost horizontally. This fourth hit is also registered as two hits by the system. The user pauses with their sword (held in the right hand) under their left armpit before slashing an X at impossible speeds for the final two hits.

The user initiates the skill like every arcane skill, by standing in a ready position with their sword ready. After successfully charging their sword, the user's chest faces completely 90 degrees relative to the rest of the body while they place their sword on their neck, bevels vertical. The user is also slightly leaning forward with their knees greatly bent.


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Side Volume I, Chapter XIII, Part I N/A N/A Shiota defeats Princess Valnagia with Yuurei using one-handed swords and they both obtain «Shadow Explosion». Both rush to test out the skill. Returning the next day with the rest of the gang, Shiota instructs her friends to party up and clear the Hollow Mission every time it appears.
Volume X, Chapter X, Part IV N/A N/A Rain uses Shadow Explosion against An Incarnation of the Radius when Shiota was halfway through Nebular Empress.


  • Although there were so many users of this arcane skill, only Rain remembered it. She successfully recreated it as an Original Sword Skill in ALO by using Dark-elemental magic along with the physical attacks.
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