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Personal Info
Name Ninomiya Chizuru
Kanji 二宮 知弦
Romanji Ninomiya Chizuru
Gender Female
Eyes Ghost Light Green
Hair White with Black streaks
Player Profile
Epithet Setsuna
VRMMORPGs Played Evoked Legends Online
Occupation Serenity Hunter
Affiliation Serenity
Unique Skill Ninomiya Sword Drawing Style: Specter
Voice Actor Hibiku Yamamura

Ninomiya Chizuru, more widely known as Setsuna (刹那, lit. Moment), is a player of Evoked Legends Online.


Setsuna wears a black dress held up by straps under a white partly translucent garment with the lower ends ripped off. She lets her long hair reach her elbows, and wears black sandals.



Setsuna was the newest generation of a long line of Kendo martial artists, and at an early age, she was trained in the way of the sword. When she entered middle school, she joined the kendo club as soon as possible and became team captain within the first few weeks. Due to this, it was gossiped that she was a fearsome individual who no one would ever dare defy. Her classmates started to avoid her, and Setsuna was left with very few friends. The feeling of being feared became even more apparent after she won the National Kendo Championship. She was able to keep that  the title throughout her middle school and high school years, before she had a life-changing leg injury that prevented her from playing ever again. The first year she couldn't play, Kagerou joined the tournament for the first time and won almost effortlessly. Setsuna couldn't believe it, and desperately sought a place where she could wield her sword again. One of her only remaining companions, Akatsuki, told her about Evoked Legends Online, and they went into the game together. Phoenix scouted them out and asked them to join Serenity after watching the two hold off several divisions of Empire troops.



Music Theme

Sora Amamiya - Tsuki Akari

Sora Amamiya - Tsuki Akari


  • Setsuna could be described as a kuudere, although she has no feelings for anyone.
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