Set Lethal Formation
Spell Info
Kanji 絶命陣設置
Romaji Zetsumejin Setchi
Element None

"Set Lethal Formation" is a spell that allows a user to set up "Lethal Formation Orb".


The spell can only be chanted when a player has the skill "Lethal Formation", and if they wield exactly one-handed sword. This spell can only be casted if the user's mana gauge is full, and wil cost an entire mana gauge. After the incantation, the user choose exactly 1 Secret Sword from the list, and "set" it. A sphere orb with "絶命陣" will appear in the air, called "Lethal Formation Orb". And the selected Secret Sword turns into a star, and fly into the said orb. Only up to 3 Secret Sword can be set in the orb at a time.

Only the caster of this spell can know what's set in the orb. Unless they tells the other.

After the user has gained "Super Lethal Formation", this spell will be renamed as "Set Super Lethal Formation" (超絶命陣設置, Chou Zetsumejin Setchi). The effect remains the same, but it now generates "Super Lethal Formation Orb", and allows up to 5 "Secret Sword" to be set.





"I call forth the power of the stars, set up the vicious trap."


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