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Sword Art Online Fanon
Story Information
Publish Month name, DD, YYYY
Author SAOF Tutorial
Cover Character(s) No Cover
Status Not Started, In-progress, On hiatus, Complete
Prequel None
Sequel None
Related Stories None

*Note: Before you make you begin your series, be sure to put this {{Property|Series|'''your username'''}}.

*Note: Introduction comes here: include name of the fanfiction, summarized name, your user name, if it has a sequel, or other details. If you have a cover, feel free to post it. It is recommended to write the name of the game and then the title of your story after a colon (:). Also, if you're going to start a fanfiction, is suggested to at least try to finish it.

Tip: we recomend to NEVER start your story on the first day of SAO (November 6th, 2022). We all already know how it all started. It may seem as an easy start and that's why you need to elude it.


*Note: Short description of what the story will be about.


*Note: List of chapters/arcs that the fanfiction has or will have. If you are doing this, don't use ==Story==


*Note: List of characters, preferably in alphabetical order or by importance (with title).


*Note: If your story is short, you can write it on the same page. If you are doing this, don't use ==Chapters==.


*Note: A gallery of covers or other images of the series.

Music Themes

*Note: Insert video of music, which represent the series.


*Note: fun facts about the fanfic. Where did you take inspiration? etc...

Layout Usage

{{Property|Series|your username}}
{{Story Infobox
|Image = 
|Caption = 
|Publish = 
|Author = 
|Cover Character = 
|Status = <Not Started, In-progress, On hiatus, Complete>
|Prequel =
|Sequel = 
|Related Stories =


==Chapters/Arcs== <if you use this title, don't use ==Story==>


==Story== <if you use this title, don't use ==Chapters==>


==Music Themes==



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