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Guild Info
Name Serenity
Kanji 平静/セレニチ
Romanji heisei/serenichi
VRMMORPGs Evoked Legends Online
Founder Phoenix
Members Esprit, Dengeki, Praline, Setsuna
Main Focus Have fun
Status Active

Serenity is a small band of players within ELO that was created for fun. The members coordinate to plan organized crime, and they enjoy wreaking havoc to upset the balance of the War of Conquerors. The attacks are only carried out on large-scale banks, popular shopping areas, or must-see tourist spots. They never attack player-run shops. Sometimes, they accept contracts from either side in the war, and fight for them in battle, while only for a short period of time. Although not exactly well-known throughout the game, those who have seen their power say that they have the potential to defeat a Progenitor. In truth, these people were some of the top Secret Police candidates that were removed from the list.


  • Phoenix (Sakurai Kureha) - Leader, Stormer, CQC - Mid, - Far, Dragonborn
  • Esprit (Saotome Megumi) - Harasser, CQC - Far, Human
  • Dengeki (Akabane Yuuto) - Striker, Mid, Human-Ascendant Hybrid
  • Praline (Misaka Kyouka) - Sniper, Mid - Far, Machina
  • Setsuna (Ninomiya Chizuru) - Hunter, CQC - Mid, Phantasma
  • Kusari (Hanabusa Kurumi) - Disruptor, CQC - Far, Dullahan
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