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Cardinal Mercenary
Personal Info
Name Sento Kasai
Kanji 火災戦兎
Romanji Kasai Sento
Birthday August 14
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 5'9"
Weight 150 lbs
Eyes Pure red, similar to his father
Hair Black
Unusual Features Red eyes
Place of Residence Shibuya, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
Family Hunter Kasai - Father
[REDACTED] - Mother
Player Profile
Display Name Sento
Kanji せんと
Romanji Sento
Epithet Crimson/Cardinal Mercenary
VRMMORPGs Played End War Online
Occupation Mercenary
Bounty Hunter
Affiliation None
Partner Haru Yamamoto
Tokime Suginami (Occasionally)
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations Crimson Rain Services
Status Alive
Unique Weapon Dusk and Dawn
Type 6 SF-11 Arc
Voice Actor Atsuhiro Inukai
First Appearance End War Online: United Souls

I somehow find myself perpetually surrounded by women. Not that I'm really complaining...
~ Sento Kasai

Sento Kasai is the son of Hunter Kasai and [REDACTED]. He is a player of End War Online, and is an Angel Hybrid in-game. Currently, he appears in End War Online: United Souls.


His in-game appearance consists of a dark grey long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up a bit, a hood, and a zipper running up the center of the shirt; an angular red waistcoat with various buttons; dark grey combat pants; and black knee-high combat boots with several straps and minor red detailing. Like his father, Sento wears a red coat, with an orange flame pattern running down its ankle-length border, a grey hood, and two coattails; its sleeves are elbow-length with black cuffs, revealing his bare forearms and a set of fingerless gloves over bandaged hands. The sheaths for his swords are mounted to his back via a magnetic harness under his waistcoat, with the sheaths' edges resting on his back. His twin pistols Dusk and Dawn are holstered on his thighs, with Stampede tucked away behind his waist and Singularity on a two-point sling around his torso should the mission call for it. Spare magazines are held via belt clips, with his coat having an inside pocket holding speed-loaders for Stampede. After gaining [REDACTED], he wears it as a necklace to keep it close at all times, and he keeps his others on a custom-made holder situated on his left hip. He kept the muffler from his earlier days, and occasionally wears it when operating in colder climates.

In his early days as an mercenary, he wore a red t-shirt under a dark grey zip hoodie; an ankle-length, black and red two-tailed coat with an internal clasp and white flame-like pattern running around the collar and down the coat; dark grey jeans; dark grey combat boots; and a pair of black fingerless gloves over some white bandaging. He also keeps his coat sleeves folded/rolled up with a dark red muffler that he often pulls up on to hide his mouth. Initially, he owned a pair of generic, simplified Katanas that consisted of the sword blade without any additions to the tang save for a woven cloth wrapping and a pommel cap, both sheathed on the sides of his waist. A pair of M1911A1 pistols were holstered behind his waist before he used Dusk and Dawn, and he kept a revolver that would be upgraded into Stampede tucked away in an under-arm holster.

After [REDACTED], Sento changed his outfit to better suit his new position. Now, he wears a white button-down shirt with his signature angled waistcoat and a black necktie with a red hazard stripe pattern; black combat pants with a minimalistic design; a new pair of knee-high boots with shin armor and knee pads; and a brand new three-tailed coat. Unlike his previous coat, this one is black with a red flame pattern, a dark grey hood, and sleeves that end at his elbows. Over this, he wears a dark-red short jacket with a flared collar and two flared coattails on the right side that flow down. In addition, he also has a pair of lightly-armored gauntlets on over black fingerless gloves, a set of dark silver shoulder pauldrons, and a new set of thigh holsters with X-shaped straps for Dusk and Dawn. Stampede is now in an underarm holster, while Arc has been repositioned with one sheath on his left shoulder blade and the other sheath behind his waist favoring his right hand. Both gauntlets feature a sliding armor plate which reveals an impression meant to fit [REDACTED] when in use. His previous holster for them remains situated on his left hip.

Using the [REDACTED] Anima Redistribution Mechanism, Sento can equip a sleek, skin-tight combat armor with a red, silver, and black color scheme. His coat is coated in the same Anima that covers him, retaining its appearance in addition to this armor. For the most part, the armor is angular with muscular designs all throughout, accenting Sento's natural musculature. As such, the additional armor plating is strategically placed to protect him while retaining flexibility and speed. His mask features angular detailing, a segmented mouth-plate, and two angled slits that glow orange. The ARM itself is placed in the middle of his chest, glowing red in its active state. The coat's fire patterns now glow orange-red, as if it were actually on fire.

When using other ARMs in conjunction with this form, Sento's armor will gain minor little details unique to the ARM he's using. These will be added as Sento acquires them.

With the [REDACTED] ARM, Sento's armor takes on an azure and black color scheme, sharing the same general appearance as his other armor, though it features heavier armor that covers more area, offering him more protection than his other ARM. The Anima on his coat transforms to azure to maintain this ARM's black and blue color scheme. Like the other form, Sento's armor adds a blue glow to the fire patterns and more blue throughout the suit to maintain its color scheme. Using other ARMs in conjunction with this one will modify the armor slightly, just like its counterpart. Those details are shared with this armor.



IRL, Sento wears the standard uniform of his school, which is a white button-up t-shirt, a red necktie, black and red plaid trousers, black dress shoes, and an optional black blazer. When not in school, he wears a white t-shirt with a grey hood, dark blue jeans, a red flannel shirt tied around his waist, a dark grey zip-hoodie with dark red detailing and drawstrings, a black casual blazer over the hoodie, and maroon high-top sneakers.


Real Life

His parents named him after a character from one of Hunter's favorite Tokusatsu shows and gave him plenty of love. Sento didn't really enjoy social interaction, and grew up introverted; he inherited his father's rebellious and otaku nature, and took after both his parents' serious and logical mindsets. He also took after his father's love for Tokusatsu shows. His school life was fairly normal, but with social interaction at a bare minimum; his only interactions are with his childhood friend, Haru, and a girl on the track team who worked at an airsoft shop part-time. When EWO and the RiftGear were released, Hunter bought him both in an attempt to get his son to talk to more people.

End War Online

Sento joined End War as an Angel Hybrid, though he possessed an unusually high affinity for Soulcraft. He worked with several professional in-game mercenaries and bounty hunters to train himself in combat. He learned how to make each shot count, when to use a melee weapon, when to switch to a gun, and much more. Some of these mercenaries trained him in competition shooting to increase his draw speed and accuracy under pressure, other mercenaries beat their unique fighting styles into him with training sessions and intense sparring matches. All of these experiences forged Sento into a formidable fighter as he took in all their tips and tricks, compiling it into one unique, free-flowing fighting style while also developing techniques with Anima and Soulcraft. Eventually, one of his contracts would lead him to something he couldn't turn away from, whether he wanted to or not.


Sento is very similar to his parents, but still unique in his own way. He inherited his father's quiet, sarcastic nature and tactical and cynical behavior. Just like his father, Sento taunts his enemies, disrespecting those with higher powers as a way of psychologically messing with them. Unlike his father, his tactical thinking is mixed with his mother's politeness, fun-loving nature, warmth, kindness, and discipline. With this mixture of traits, he understands and makes jokes in any situation. Sento appears to take after his father more than his mother, sharing his introverted otaku nature. He enjoys anime, manga, and video games just as much as his father, and is very much into technology. Another resemblance to his father is the way he addresses girls without knowing their names, using nicknames such as "Princess," "ma'am," and "miss" interchangeably until learning the girl's name.

Thanks to some of his father's teachings and learning himself, Sento is well-versed in the dealings of mercenaries and such. He takes after his father's affinity for the color red, even adopting the same epithet as Hunter where both father and son are known as the "Crimson Mercenary." He shares his mother's sense of justice and desire to strive the moral ground, but his father's cynicism and logical thinking sometimes outweighs this. At times, he can demonstrate an authoritative attitude just like her mother, showing the initiative to order people around and ensure a successful mission. Sento's time hanging out with Tokime has led him to pick up a cheeky, teasing side to him. If met with flirtatious comments, he will fire back with his own lecherous taunt, though he does immediately apologize if his remarks offend someone. He also has a bad habit of laughing like a maniacal villain while pushing his glasses up, with a really convincing laugh to even further mislead people.


End War Online

  • Faction - Human - Angel Hybrid
  • Occupation - Mercenary/Bounty Hunter
  • Main Equipment:
  • Former Equipment:
    • Dual Katanas
    • Paired M1911A1 pistols
    • RSh-12 revolver (Upgraded into Stampede)

Sento Kasai is an excellent fighter among players in End War, capable of switching weapons on the fly. His experience with firearms comes from his father training him, in addition to training with in-game mercenaries. His fighting style is also unpredictable, switching between bullets and sword blades at the most bizarre times. Though it lacks true discipline as a sword style, it's compensated for with a fluid chain of different techniques ranging from a powerful sword strike, a multi-hit slash with Arc's Formation Blade system, or a three-round burst from either of his pistols. His unique attack flow ensures he doesn't repeat any single attack during a fight, as he'll quickly transition from a sword duel to a firefight with his firearms. Unlike his father, Sento is right-handed, though he chose to learn ambidexterity. This acquired ambidexterity gives Sento another advantage in combat, lending greater unpredictability to his fighting style. Thanks to his in-game training and real-life airsoft sessions, Sento has learned to aim accurately with both eyes and has studied the human body, allowing him to accurately target lethal or non-lethal spots on a person with either hand or eye, giving him yet another edge in combat.

Curiously, Sento bears an unusually powerful Soul, possessing a greater amount of Anima than most. He's only learned how to use Anima Infusion, but his uses for the Soulcraft empower his firearms to increase the potency of his projectiles. His Stampede revolver becomes an explosive projectile launcher thanks to the Anima Infusion. Each bullet is transformed from an anti-materiel round into an explosive mass of Anima that detonates at Sento's command. However, only one cylinder of ammunition can be charged and detonated at a time. If he loads a new cylinder and other infused projectiles have already been fired, he cannot detonate the infused ones if he infuses the new cylinder. Despite that, he's able to find ways around his limits by changing his strategy or weapons as needed. Dusk and Dawn, Sento's signature sidearms, can receive a temporary power increase via Anima Infusion, allowing them to hit harder or quicker depending on how Sento shapes the Anima.

For transport, Sento rides his custom motorcycle Cardinal Cavalier. Said bike is designed for the toughest of environments, as well as ramming into enemies. Blades mounted on the bike combined with a heavily-reinforced, custom frame and multitude of thrusters allow the Cardinal Cavalier to act as a weapon in addition to transport. Sento has trained in a wide variety of motorcycles stunts to allow him to convert the tricks into a strange fighting style of its own. IRL, he rides a Honda CBR1000RR SP with a dark red/black color scheme.

Music Themes

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind OST ~Giorno's Theme~ "Il vento d'oro" (Main Theme)

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind OST ~Giorno's Theme~ "Il vento d'oro" (Main Theme)




  • I stayed up until 1:00AM PST creating Sento in one huge edit (initially).
  • Some of his weapons are based on or reference other anime series. One such weapon is the Stampede, a reference to Trigun.
  • Sento's name comes from the protagonist of Kamen Rider Build, Sento Kiryu. In addition, Sento Kasai's voice actor is the actor who portrays said protagonist.
  • Sento wears a helmet with Bluetooth headphones when riding, both in-game and in reality.
  • Sento owns a male Japanese Bobtail cat named Ren and a female Holland Lop rabbit named Terra.
  • Sento wears thick-rimmed glasses in reality due to Myopia (inability to see far-away objects). Occasionally, he wears contacts, and does so in-game to both treat his condition and to provide himself an in-game HUD.
  • He learned how to play the piano and the guitar solely so he could play Il Vento D'oro and a few Miyavi songs from memory.
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