Weapon Info
Kanji 積狼
Romaji Sekiro
VRMMORPG End War Online
Weapon Type Katana

Sekiro is Junji Hitsugaya's secondary melee weapon and sword in End War Online.


Sekiro is a katana with a black wrapping and a silver blade. Its blade is unique in that it's thicker than a normal blade and has 5 hollowed-out sections along the flat side of the blade. The blade has a length of approximately 100 cm, and the handle being approximately 40 cm.

Sekiro is held in a cane-like sheath, disguising it as such when sheathed. The sheath is nothing special, a simple black cane with a slit for Sekiro, and a black cord meant to be tied around the katana's hilt when it's sheathed.

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