Seiji Akiyama is a player of End War Online, and a character in End War Online: Reaper's Soul and End War Online: Shattered Boundaries. He is the manager of Nights Finance

Seiji Akiyama
Personal Info
Name Seiji Akiyama
Kanji 秋山誠司
Romanji Akiyama Seiji
Birthday September 28th, 2020
Age 25
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Weight 139 lbs
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Player Profile
VRMMORPGs Played End War Online
Occupation Manager of Nights Finance
Affiliation Nights Finance
Base of Operations Halfen, Renskr


Seiji is a tall and lean man with short black hair and a dark stubble. He wears a black dress shirt underneath a red blazer as well as black slacks and dress shoes.



Seiji Akiyama is easy-going and laid back, never making a fuss about anything. He is often considered lazy, especially by his assistant, Kirie Sugihara, with him leaving most of the busy work to her while he slacks off, either reading one of his books or magazines or just sleeping on the couch whenever there are no clients. Despite this, he is a profitable businessman, and despite the fact that he tends to just give away ludicrously large sums of money to people he barely knows based on his own personal judge of character, he somehow never seems to run out.


Akiyama is a master of Taekwondo, and is experienced in utilizing it due to his habit of getting into street fights with loan sharks. He mainly specializes in a variety of kicks, using speed and force in perfect balance to devastate his enemies at close range with a flurry of kicks.

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