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Sword Skill Info
Kanji ひみつかりばー
Romaji Himitsu-karibā
VRMMORPG ALfheim Online
Weapon Skill Holy Sword Excalibur
Demonic Sword Excalibur Morgan
Color Blue
User(s) Shiota

Secretcalibur (ひみつかりばー, Himitsu-karibā) is a special Dual Blades-category unique skill, owned by Shiota. The prerequisites to use this skill is a Dual Blades skill level of at least 850 and two swords, Holy Sword Excalibur, obtained from the Holy Sword of the Ice Palace quest, and Demonic Sword Excalibur Morgan, obtained after clearing all quests within the Blackened Camelot Singularity.


The user draws both swords and charges them with blue energy. They then charge forward and attack a target. The skill starts out similarly to Starburst Stream, performing the first ten hits of that skill. Leaping backward, the user then performs an attack that is the exact same as the Cygnus Onslaught sword skill, ending the skill and dealing massive damage, totaling twelve hits. This skill has a long range and is AOE.


Instance Description
Light Novel Anime Manga
Volume XIII, Chapter XI, Part IV N/A N/A Shiota obtains the sword skill as a reward for clearing the Blackened Camelot Singularity. She experiments with it on a tree.


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