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Secret Police
Guild Info
Name Secret Police
Kanji 秘密警察/シクレトポリス
Romanji Himitsu Keisatsu/Shikureto Porisu
VRMMORPGs Evoked Legends Online
Members Tenshi, Alpha, Omega, Kagerou, Maze, Shinkai
Main Focus Black Ops, Disaster Contingency
Allies Watchmen
Status Active

The Secret Police are a group of select individuals chosen by the developers of the game and the government to investigate anomalies within the game or pass judgement onto players hacking or overly taking advantage of the in-game currency to real world money system. The Secret Police operate mostly in-game, but if the situation absolutely requires it, they will complete missions in the real world. The members of the Secret Police are handpicked by the gamemasters, and their identities are kept in high confidentiality.

The Watchmen occasionally cooperate with the Secret Police to track down and eliminate the more dangerous threats to the flow of the game.


While each member is most definitely capable of winning fights single-handedly, they work together to efficiently bring down targets and clear objectives using each of their skills to support the others.

  • Tenshi (Kirihara Sorata) - Leader, Hunter, CQC - Mid, Human
  • Alpha (Lucina Ackerman) - Supressor, CQC, Wolf Beastial
  • Omega (Lento Ackerman) - Marksman, Mid - Far, Wolf Beastial
  • Kagerou (Kozakura Kisara) - Stormer, CQC, Gorgon
  • Shinkai (Izuriha Shigure) - Disruptor, CQC - Mid, Machina
  • Maze (Himeji Tsukasa) - Support, CQC, Vampire
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