Weapon Info
Kanji 軽蔑
Romaji Keibetsu
VRMMORPG Hazard ReBurst
Weapon Type Split-Spear (Nunchuck-Spear hybrid)
Obtained/Made By Custom-made

Scorn is one of Kikin Kotsubaki's elemental melee weapons in Hazard ReBurst.


Scorn is a unique melee weapon taking the form of an intricate, silver spear with a wide, double-edged head in the shape of a fang made of lightning-infused Rave Energy. Its shaft is a worn, tarnished silver with scratches and battle damage coming from the amount of combat it's persisted through, with several runes carved into it and yellow Rave Energy filling in these runes and scratches to indicate the energy flowing through it. A clean division halfway through the spear's length indicates where the weapon splits for its alternate form. As a pair of nunchucks, Scorn forgoes the lightning spearhead and instead spits at the aforementioned division, held together by a chain of cryokinetic Rave Energy which constantly releases water vapor due to its sub-zero temperature. The runes and scratches in this form glow a pale blue, indicating that the weapon's current element.


In its spear form, Scorn is capable of being swung around rapidly for both slashing and stabbing attacks, all infused with lightning Rave Energy. It can even deal blunt damage with the end of the shaft opposite of the spearhead, though it may discharge several volts of lightning to increase the pain felt. Each strike is charged with electricity and shocks enemies. When thrown, Scorn will fly straight and true to its target before being pulled back to the user's hand whenever needed.

For its nunchucks form, Scorn can indefinitely extend its chain so long as the user has enough energy, and it can even dismiss itself on command if needed. This can be used in a surprise attack, lowering the enemies' guard by having them appear to have broken the chain before reforming in any shape the user requires. It can also be used for grappling situations, allowing its user to swing across large chasms and gaps provided the conditions in the area are suitable. In addition, the cryokinetic Rave Energy binding the two handles can be used to augment them, creating spiked balls of ice which can smash an enemy's face in.


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