Element Info
Romaji Shaku
Classification Combined Element
Basic Elements Fire and Wind

Scorch, occasionally also referred to as "Combustion" or "Explosion", is a combined element and a form of Elemental Bending in Endless Utopia Online. It is formed by merging together Fire and Wind.



Since Scorch is a combined element, there are several prerequisites to learning how to use it. First, the user must have learnt, have a decent control over both Fire and Wind. Secondly, the user has to be as equally experienced with both Prime Elements. Lastly, the user also needs big reserves of Aera, and to have good control over it. Considering the first two requirements, this last one should be easy for the user to achieve it.

Basically put, Scorch is the result of Fire powered up by Air. One needs to raise the density of the oxygen nearby to "feed" Fire, therefore creating "scorching" fire. Due to the high amounts of flammable oxygen, this element is rather unstable. A Scorch User rarely creates flames that exist for long periods of time, but rather, they consume oxygen quickly and disappear (unlike Fire or Sun which both create flames that last for a longer time). The flames and blasts produced by Scorch are pink or light orange.

When a user is in first stages of learning, it is difficult for the apprentice to maintain a technique for long periods of time. The user needs to increase nearby oxygen, and without enough knowledge, this results in close quarters explosions that can potentially harm the user if they are big enough. With time and practice, the user can learn to better focus air, and therefore, improve his aim. Scorch experts can increase the density of the oxygen surrounding his target to a level at which it becomes volatile and creates narrow pathways of oxygen to burn. Masters of Scorch can create focused beams of Scorch that explode upon contact, or maintain the flames of Scorch burning for long periods of time.

Scorch is probably one of the most versatile elements in terms of attacking, but similarly to Fire, it does not have an effective defense.


  • Water: due to its intense heat, scorch is able to evaporate large bodies of water with few attacks.


  • High amounts of humidity: high amounts of water in the air render the Scorch user defenseless.
  • Oxygen: Scorch is far more dependant on nearby oxygen than regular Fire.



  • As the combination of the two opposed elements, Scorch can be seen as the opposite element of Nature.
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