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Scimitar (Kenji)
Weapon Info
Kanji 偃月刀
Romaji Engetsutou
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Weapon Type One-handed Curved Sword
Obtained/Made By Unspecified monster drop

The «Scimitar» (偃月刀) is a one-handed curved sword that is obtained as a rare drop from unnamed monsters on the 1st Floor of Aincard in Sword Art Online (SAO).[1] Up to eight enhancements can be attempted on the «Scimitar».[2]

The «Scimitar» was already in Kenji's possession as of December 4th, 2022, and had been upgraded to +4.[1] It remained his primary weapon, having been enhanced to +8 in the coming weeks,[2] and seen action against «Zagan the Exile»[3] and «Nephila Regina» respectively.[4]

At full enhancement a «Scimitar» yielded to Kenji a «Razor Ingot» when converted into an ingot. This item, when forged by Akiye, yielded the «Razer» curved-sword.


The «Scimitar» is a yellow-edged sword with a simple bar-shaped guard.[5]


The overall viability of the «Scimitar» extends to late 3rd Floor and early 4th Floor, with Kenji wielding his until the 4th Floor.[6] Akiye correctly noted that the «Scimitar» was a low-durability item, with the edge in particular failing under stress. It was for this reason she cited Kenji's decision to sink 3 enhancements to Durability when a player asked her to enhance his own «Scimitar» with 4 to Sharpness; the player ultimately decided to enhance his «Scimitar» to +4 (3S1D), based on Akiye's suggestion.[4]

The attack-power of the «Scimitar» is similar to that of the «Anneal Blade» and «Pale Edge» at their respective stages of enhancement.[4][7]

At +4 (3S1D) the «Scimitar» consistently produced the highest DPS of the three damage-dealers of the party facing «Zagan the Exile» with said party consisting of Kenji, Airi and Sojiro.[3] Kenji finalised his enhancement of the «Scimitar» to +8 (5S3D) between the 15th and 17th of December, 2022.[2] The last boss Kenji engaged with his «Scimitar» +8 was the «Magnatherium» during the «Shipwright of Yore» quest on the 4th Floor.[6]

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Behind the scenes

  • When creating the «Scimitar» its stats where intended to be comparable to the «Wind Fleuret» and «Stout Brand». As the story progressed it ended up becoming a mirror of the «Anneal Blade».


  • Kenji claims that the «Scimitar» is the curved-swords answer to the «Anneal Blade». This makes the weapon viable until the end of the 3rd Floor.[4]

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