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Schleifen is a powerful weapon in development by the Human Faction of End War Online.

Item Info
Name Extra Long-Range Line of Sight Heavy Artillery Platform "Schleifen"
Kanji グラインド
Romaji Guraindo
VRMMORPG End War Online
Item Type Artillery Platform


The Schleifen is designed as a heavy weapons platform able to be manned by one soldier with the assistance of an EXO-Frame, and capable of providing heavy artillery fire downrange. The Schleifen consists of two main autocannons and two gigantic box magazines housing up to 1500 rounds belt fed into each cannon. The Schleifen is only able to fire each cannon in full automatic, firing 40mm rounds downrange to cause massive enemy casualties. The weapon system is easily capable of completely destroying any enemy force, and is even able to combat a Colossus purely from sheer volume of fire. The system features climbing irons that are deployed when ready to fire, bolting the weapon system down to hold it in place under the massive recoil the cannons produce. The weapon, therefore, is completely immobile when firing. The system, however, is capable of being fired without being bolted to the ground, though it is incredibly impractical to do so.

On full auto with both cannons firing the Schleifen has enough ammunition to last just under 4 minutes.


  • Weight: 400kg unloaded; 24882kg loaded
  • Barrel Length: 3m
  • Shell: 40x311mm High Explosive
  • Effective Range: 12km
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1500 m/s approximate
  • Fire Rate: 480 rounds per minute
  • Feed System: Belt fed


  • The Schleifen is based on the Harkonnen II, used by Seras Victoria in Hellsing Ultimate.
  • The name Scleifen translates to Raze in German.
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