The Sanctifier's Gates is Ren's awakened Rythulian Eye ability.


The Sanctifier's Gates consist of powerful combat-oriented ocular ability possessed by the last Rythulian, Ren. The ability allows him to summon spectral abilities to utilize in combat. These include the ability to fire magical projectiles at faraway foes or to shoot powerful energy lances to pierce through enemies, and the ability to summon spears from the ground or air in a radius to impale enemies around him. These individual abilities are either sealed or opened, depending on whether the spells have been realized yet. Sealed Gates can be awakened and Opened Gates can be further reinforced as the eyes develop.


All Gates are named after a word in the ancient and lost Rythulian language.


The spell allowing Ren to shoot a stream of arcane projectiles at enemies, either rapid-fire or slower but stronger. Although individually weak, they can be used to suppress an enemy with an unending flurry of bolts.


The spell allowing Ren to shoot powerful lances of energy at enemies, which can pierce through enemies and cause massive damage. The spears can be summoned individually or all at once in order to shoot a barrage of powerful and accurate strikes across large distances.


The spell allowing Ren to form a protective barrier, either in front or around him, deflecting incoming attacks. Although not as effective against physical attacks, it is especially useful for deflecting magic attacks, absorbing the energy easily, able to negate even very powerful spells.


The spell allowing Ren to form large spectral arms, capable of grabbing or punching enemies, causing massive impact damage and a shockwave in a radius from the point of impact. The arms are immensely strong, though not indestructible.


The spell allowing Ren to summon arcane spears from the ground to impale enemies. Can be used to shoot a wall of spears in front or can summon them around him in a radius against groups of enemies. They are also capable of being used from above, summoning the spears to rain down in similar ways.

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