As soon as the 44th floor was opened, every player remaining received a message for this one time only chance for a search quest. every player presenting themselves on the floor's only seashore, would be transported to Tortuga Island where Good Items, euipments can be found, but also strong foes.

Sailing to Tortuga Island
Quest Info
Name Sailing to Tortuga Island
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location 44th Floor
Objective Searching for a whole day
Boss None
Reward Whatever you find
Status Done


Message sent by the Game Master, as soon as the 44th floor was opened.


44th floor Tortuga Island


  • Getting to the seashore the day following the message.
  • Finding anything in the next 24 hours
  • Surviving on the island



After the message was sent, Players could present themselves to the 44th floor's only seashore. On th day after the messge, they would be teleported to Totuga Island for the next 24 hours, with teleport crystals not working. The players going there had a chance finding really good items and equips, but needed also to survive the strong foes of the Island. No boos were in the quest, but enemies were rather strong, that people needed to gang up on them. The higher the player's search skill was, the more chances they had to find good things.

Connor teamed up with two other memebers of the Laughing Coffin guild and went to the Island. Jamalamal and Muslian were expert in searching, having mastered their skill a while back. He merly used them to find good stuff, and that they did. The first thing found was the Pirate King Cutlass under the neck of the rock turtle head, and then, eighteen hours in, they found a switch opening the mouth of the turtle, leading inside to an old pirate corpse. They wanted to divide the foundings to the two of them, since Connor had already taken the Cutlass, but there was no way he would let that happen. Connor Assassinated both of them with pleasure, then took the whole Pirate Set for himself, telling the guild, that he was the only survivor of the trip.

Known Attempts

Connor Brown





  • Tortuga is taken from the movie Pirate of the Caribbean
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