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Sacred Western Martial Arts


Skill Info
Kanji 神聖西洋武道
Romaji Shinsei Seiyō Budō
Category Martial Arts (Customized)
User(s) Andy Perkins
Appears in Sword Art Online FATE

The Sacred Western Martial Arts (神聖西洋武道, Shinsei Seiyō Māsharu Budō) is an unique skill and martial arts which was created and only used by Andy Perkins.


The Sacred Western Martial Arts is a form of martial arts which was created by Andy Perkins and this skill can be used in both real world and VRMMO. This martial arts is an combination of his own moves and three original martial arts (Taijiquan, Bajiquan and Judo).


Names Descriptions
Flame Spiral Fist (炎螺旋拳, Honō Rasen Ken) A punch executed and rotating at high speed. The rotation serves to increase the destructive power of the punch and when executed, the fist is engulfed in flames.
Solid Break Fist (固形中断拳, Kokei Chūdan Ken)
Splitting Waves Fist (分割波動拳, Bunkatsu Hadō Ken)
Conquering Overlord Fist (席巻覇王拳, Sekken Haō Ken)
Lotus Whirlwind Kick (蓮華旋風蹴り, Renge Senpū Geri)
Sacred Overlord Kick (神聖覇王蹴り, Shinsei Haō Geri)
Supernova Kick (超新星蹴り, Chō Shinsei Keri)
Supernova Kick [Full Power] (超新星蹴り [全力], Chō Shinsei Geri [Zenryoku] ) A variants of the Supernova Kick move and Eclipse used this move only once in the final battle.
Stormed Raging Shadow (襲撃激怒影, Shūgeki Gekido Kage) When performed, the user will created the projections of itself. If possible, its user's projections can performed Sacred Western Martial Arts techniques on enemies.
Flaming Sword (炎剣, Honō Ken)
Super Flaming Sword (超炎剣, Chō Honō Ken)
Blizzard Sword (吹雪剣, Fubuki Ken)
Super Blizzard Sword (超吹雪剣, Chō Fubuki Ken)

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