This Weapon, Sacred Treasures, is property of Yuka Ichinose.

Sacred Treasures
Weapon Info
Kanji 神器
Romaji Jingi
VRMMORPG End War Online
Weapon Type  
Unique Skill  

Sacred Treasures are a set of unique weapons under the possession of the members of Etherion, provided by the Archon himself. 


Not much background regarding these weapons had been provided, but they are believed to be the same as the weapons wielded by the original members of Etherion, though this isn't exactly confirmed. A Sacred Treasure has the capability to utilize and amplify its wielder's abilities, rendering them with even greater power. The Sacred Treasures had turned Etherion into one of the most formidable guilds in EWO, as they are able to surpass enemies of their ranks -- at times even greater -- with less difficulty.

The Sacred Treasures' ability to draw out its user's full potential only happens when it is wielded by its respective user. As such, it functions similarly to ordinary weapons when it is not used by its rightful owner.

List of Sacred Treasures

  • Spica (The Virgin's Spike) - A long, silver lance used in pair with Auva, the shield, meant to be wielded by Virgo.
  • Bacchi Sidus (Star of Bacchus) - A greatsword in silver and gold. It is the Sacred Treasure of Leo.
  • Sheratan (The Second Horn) - The Sacred Treasure of Aries. It resembles a hand cannon.
  • Sagitta (The Arrow) - The only Treasure known to appear as a modern weapon, a sniper gun. It is in the possession of Sagittarius.
  • Io (The Mistress) - The one-handed battle axe of Taurus.


  • The Sacred Treasures were heavily influenced by the weapons of the same name from Nanatsu no Taizai.
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