Sacred Clock Online
Sacred Clock
VRMMO Information
Developer Indepenn Dextera (Whizad)
Release Date 8 January 2032
Genre RPG, Adventure
Usable Hardware NerveGear, Amusphere, Halcyisphere


This the fifth game in the Xhilatren cycle centers, literally and figuratively, around a massive steampunk-themed clocktower.

The tower possesses special properties that allow players to travel between dimensions while in close proximity to it. The clock appears somewhere in each dimension, and until a player locates it, they cannot leave that dimension.

So far, only eight dimensions have been discovered.

Reviews for the game:

  • "The lack of magic places a real emphasis on combat skill. Full stars." - five stars
  • "The introduction of guns is an acceptable replacement for the removal of magic." - four stars
  • "I like the way guns are handled in this game: usable but not required for success." four stars
  • "Surprisingly few players employ guns even though they're available; the rest of the game is simply too good to use such a simple way out of combat." - five stars
  • "This game goes in a different direction from its predecessors. I'm looking forward to what ID comes out with next." - five stars
  • "Something tells me that magic isn't completely absent from this game or the world it's set in..." - four stars


To reach each dimension, a player must have in their inventory an item specific to that dimension, stand in a certain spot relative to the clocktower, and speak a certain word; on top of that, the dimension must first have been unlocked.

To unlock a dimension, a player of a specific class and level must activate a certain item within 10 meters of the tower in the last discovered dimension. The class, level, and item requirements for each dimension are unique, and which combination unlocks which dimension, if any at all, is not given by the developers: players must discover this for themselves. Once unlocked, a dimension becomes available to all players and is accessible from all other dimensions, provided the player has the transport item.

The game itself works in a similar manner to D&D, but without magic or other similar mechanics. Functionality and weaponry are similar to GGO in that the "home" or starting dimension is steampunk themed, and guns are available as viable weapons. However, most players still use swords or bows, as there is no pvp outside of duels.



The lack of magic was a turn-off for some players, but the addition of firearms drew other players who had been previously avoiding the series.

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