This is the user policy of the Sword Art Online Fanon Wiki.


Anonymous users cannot create pages, and will have a week to create an account and claim {{property}} before their works become deleted.

Users are expected, but not required, to:

  • Create characters, items, etc.
  • Write a story revolving around those characters
  • Create detailed elements pertaining to their story
  • Comment on other users' creations.


There are a couple of rules regarding page creation. Firstly, each page should resemble the template pages that are featured on the Tutorial. Also, a Character, Location, Item, Boss/Monster, Series, and VRMMO page should have at least a background and chronology/history of one VRMMO that gives ample information about the said element. Please note that any blank pages (this includes pages with only an infobox!) will be eventually deleted if it is seen to be abandoned. An admin or ChatMod will notify you to edit your pages.

In the case of Story Chapter pages, please do not write less than ten (10) sentences. These pages will be rejected as being their own page, and its author will be notified of the impending deletion because of lack of length.

Once again, to get started on making your pages, click the «Contribute» button near the top-right of your browser (computers, and non-mobile wiki skin only) and click «Create a Page». According to the type of page you wish to create, please select the corresponding template at Tutorial.


  1. This is an English wiki. Use English when editing and commenting. Both American and British spellings are allowed.
  2. No spam or vandalization of other users' pages.
    • This includes any excessive negative critique of a users' character pages.
    • Ban duration will be based on how many pages/how frequent the spam/vandalization is.
  3. Absolutely no links to sexually explicit sites, images, or any other media.
    • This rule is of utmost severity. If reported or discovered live, the offending user will be banned indefinitely for a breach in Wikia's Terms of Use.

Admin Guidelines

If there is any admin/bureaucrat that violates any of these rules, contact one of the others immediately. Recommendation: Private Messages on Chat, for posts on Message Walls can be deleted.

1. Admins must be active.

2. Admins must encourage new users and new content, as long as it's not inappropriate. (inappropriateness depends on the opinion of the community)

3. Admins must not act as a police force unless it is a serious problem that all admins agree to eradicate.

4. Admins must not bend the rules of the wiki for their personal wishes, unless given consent by the community.

5. Admins must not bring dishonor to the wiki. (Contact Nanashi for more information)

6. Admins may have whatever personality they wish as long as it doesn't bother the majority of the community.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.