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Dual Blades Stats

Kirito's Skills

«Skills» are features/abilities a player can use in a game. These can be trained and leveled up to gain perks or abilities for the skill. There are various types of skills in the game including: Sword Skills, General Skills, Unique Skills, Outside System Skills, Original Sword Skills and Extra Skills.

In general, skills must be equipped in a limited amount of skill slots. Skills may be trained up to level 1000, at which it is considered «Complete».

Unique skills of weapons are not included here. This is a list of common skills of players.

The following is a list of skills ordered alphabetically.

List of General Canon Skills in VRMMOs

List of General Skills in Canon can be found here: [[w:c:swordartonline:Skills|]].

List of Fanon Skills

Support Skills

  • Rune Crafting - The ability to create runes.
  • Runic Abilities - The ability to imbue the weapon with a certain element.

Combat Skills

  • Scapegoat - A skill that lets its user replace his body with an inanimate object while evading or escaping an attack.

Weapon Skills

  • Gauntlet
  • Nihontō - After perfecting the skill "Katana", this skills allows the player to wield any type of Japanese Sword.
  • One-handed Assault Spear
  • One-handed Battle Axe
  • One-Handed Daggers - The ability to use one dagger with each hand.
  • Playing Cards
  • Scythe
  • Staff
  • Trident/Bident
  • Two-Handed Bow
  • Whip

Unique Skills

  • All Seeing Eye - Unique to Akatsuki, It is an ocular skill that is given to the most versatile player in SAO.
  • Blur - A known REALITY and unique to Snow. Allows its users to achieve high speeds and leave after-images, making it seem like its user has been split into three.
  • Blade Master's Creed - Exclusive to Blade Masters. Grants mastery over all bladed weapons.
  • Blade Master's Promise - Exclusive to Blade Masters. Allows the use of multiple bladed weapons simultaneously.
  • Death Scythe - Exclusive to Reapers with the weapon Corvus. Allows the user to instantly kill a player or NPC with one hit.
  • Demeter's Gift - Unique to Aki. Allows her to summon and control plant-monster familiars. With training, it allows to control plants.
  • Dual Weapon - Unique to Z-ARC. Allows him to wields 2 weapon at once with special bonus and penalty added.
  • En Masse Reconstruction - Unique to Yzjdrel, this sword skill restores 20% of all nearby allies' maximum HP and removes all debuffs.
  • Friction Charge - Unique to Phage. Allows her to charge her blade or herself with electricity after applying great amounts of friction.
  • Hoplon Guard- Unique to Mana. Gives access to more unique Sword Skills with a shield. This skill gives her more speed and power on her shield attacks. This skill also gives a chance to paralyze a target every shield bashes.
  • Judgement Cut - Unique to Yamato and later Ishi by use of Izanagi. Allows the user to cut into distant targets with extreme speed and precision.
  • Interrogation - Unique to Sean Michalek. This skill allows the user to Interrogate Non-Player Characters (NPC) & Players for information unique to a certain person or Item.
  • Purgatory's Embrace (煉獄の抱擁, Rengoku no Houyou): Upon death, the user will become an ethereal that cannot act but will follow the targeted player. The targeted player will receive bonus HP buff equal to the user's maximum HP and bonus Armor buff equal to the half of the user's. The targeted user will also receive bonus fire damage on their attacks and will inflict gradual fire damage against all enemies inside a meter-radius. Only available to the user of Wings of Icarus, Anya Mercer.
  • Purgatory's Embrace: Fallen Angel (煉獄の抱擁:堕天使, Rengoku no Houyou: Daten-shi): Could be cast without dying. The induced form of <<<Purgatory's Embrace>>>. Has the same effect with the original except for the Armor buff. The targeted user will suffer Defense debuff but will deal more powerful fire damage. The only way to let the caster return to their old form is by filling the counter up to 100. Taking a step, doing an attack, or casting a spell fills the counter by one each action done by the targeted player. Dying while under this effect inflicts heavy respawn penalty to both the caster and the targeted player.
  • Shadow Travel - A known REALITY and unique to Lucifer. Allows instantaneous travel anywhere to a person or object's shadow without the use of a teleportation crystal.
  • Shingantsu - Unique to Yakuza. By blocking away sense of sight, allows him to develop super senses, and a sixth sense, named radar.
  • Supreme Weapon - Unique skill to Hao, after he stole Skeith. It makes his weapons vault infinite and he can shoot out weapons from it. Plus mastery in any type of weapon, with either one or two hands.
  • Swords Dance - Unique to Nedelin. Allows him to have incredible maneuverability during battle and dash through enemies.
  • Thane of Decimation - Unique to Xelias, this scythe skill results in the target being decapitated.
  • Vendetta - Unique to Jareintar, this skill allows the use of a Vendetta, or double-ended sword.
  • Zero Shift - Unique to Ishi. Allows near-instantaneous speed movement.
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