This is the image uploading policy of the Sword Art Online Fanon Wiki.

Image Policy

Each character should have their own image. Every character is someone new and most likely will not have a clone. However, self-made fan art is highly encouraged, as some character art (especially those based from popular sources of media) will have similar or exact-same designs.


  • Images from another anime are not recommended, but allowed.
  • If image is copyrighted, please find permission before uploading.


  • Images from the canon Sword Art Online is prohibited for use for fanmade character depictions.
  • Images identified as vandalism will be deleted as soon as they are discovered.
  • Images that are unused for more than two weeks will be deleted.
  • When uploading a new image, do not overwrite the existing image unless it is a higher-quality version of the same file.
  • Mature art is prohibited.


  • High quality images are preferred. If duplicate images exist, the lower quality image will be deleted. The limit on Wikia for file sizes is 10MB.
    • The most recommended format is PNG. Wikia sometimes does not render JPG thumbnails correctly.
    • When PNG files exceed 5MB, use the JPG format.
  • Image sizes of at least 200 pixels are recommended.
  • GIF images are encouraged.
    • GIF memes are discouraged; allowed, but not recommended
  • Please use descriptive filenames that describe the content the image depicts. Names that do not describe the filename will be asked to be renamed.


  • Fanart is highly recommended and encouraged.
  • Fanart that closely resembles canon characters will be asked to be redesigned.
  • Using another user's art is highly prohibited unless given permission to do so.
    • If given permission, it is not recommended.

Other Notes

If you have a question regarding any of the policy's rules or would like to recommend another rule, comment or contact an admin.

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