Below are a list of chat rules, consequences, and chat mods. Keep in mind that PM is not excluded in any way, shape, or form from these rules.

Chat Rules

These rules will be enforced. Failure to follow them will result in consequence.

  1. No spamming.
  2. This is an English wiki, so please speak in English as much as possible. Other languages are allowed, but please do not use other languages in a way that irritates the community.
  3. Unless there is a unanimous vote, please refrain from posting any spoilers of Sword Art Online or Fanon stories.
  4. Do not post any links to sexually explicit sites, images, or any other media.
  5. Do not solely join chat to advertise anything from outside the wiki.
  6. Do not excessively portray discourteous behavior on chat.
    • This includes any sort of misconduct; harassment, annoying behavior, spamming, etc.


These consequences will be issued to those who violate any rules

Rule Point No. First Warning Second Warning Third Warning Final Warning
1 ChatMod Warning Kicked from Chat 2 Hour Ban 1-Day Ban
2 ChatMod Warning Translated ChatMod Warning Kicked from Chat 1-Day Ban
3 ChatMod Warning Kicked from Chat 2 Hour Ban 1-Day Ban
4 Infinite Chat Ban - Breach of Wikia Terms of Use
5 ChatMod Warning
Kicked from Chat
2 Weeks Ban 3 Months Ban 1 Year Ban
6 ChatMod Warning 1-Day Ban 1 Week Ban Infinite Ban

Exceeding Other Warnings

If you exceed Final Warning you will be banned from the Sword Art Online Fanon Wiki  if you continue these violations.

Current ChatMods

The following are the current Chat Moderators:

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