The SAOF Royal Family is a community page made for Sword Art Online Fanon Wiki's 1000 Page Anniversary. The page represents a comparison of this wiki's community and a royal bloodline.

Guide Key

Note: Titles are given to users who are frequent on the wiki and may be subject to be taken away from those who fail to log on to SAOF Wiki.

  • King - Head administrators; users that decide what goes on the wiki, and distributes user rights
  • Advisor - Sysop/Administrator that "cleans up" any disorganization on the wiki
  • 1st Knight - Users with sysop/administrator rights; typically regulates the wiki community
  • 2nd Knight - Users with Chat Moderator rights; typically regulates the wiki chat
  • Successor - Frequent and/or Poweruser undergoing admin training
  • Noble - Frequent and/or Powerusers on the wiki
  • Peasants - New users and anonymous users
  • Other roles - a frequent and/or Poweruser that requests a personal title

Royal Family

Note: These roles are approximate and may be subject to change in the future.


  • If a user has been missed, feel free to comment the name of the missing user, and the admins will designate them a role based on their relationship with the other wiki members, and/or based on their performance on the wiki.
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