Below are a list of general rules and procedures for the Chat Moderators of Sword Art Online Fanon Wiki.

ChatMod Guideline


  • All ChatMods are expected to behave themselves according to the SAO Fanon Chat Rules.
  • All ChatMods are expected to treat all users on chat equally.
    • Do not let your relationships affect your duty
      • Note: Especially our group of young users, who tend to dramatize.

Kicking and Banning

  • All ChatMods are expected to read SAO Fanon Chat Rules and kick/ban only when there is a NEED to.
  • If there is an individual that you don't know how to deal with, save screenshots and report it to an admin.

User Rights Reminders

  • ChatMods are not admins; you don't have authority.
    • You may not create your own rules for chat or the wiki.
  • All ChatMods are still considered equal to the normal user
    • Although you are a ChatMod does not mean admins will give you leniency.