GM's Notes

Here is the List of Protagonists you might start with at SAOF Arena. As you can see there's not much in here except for their names, gender, and class.

That is why ask of you guys to contribute by editing the Concept Art and Personality. This would make my job easier tenfold, seriously.

Just a reminder: The names listed here are the default names of the characters at each classes. You will be given an option to change it once you have finished the test.



Name Class Personality Concept Art
Alva Warrior
Dmitri Monk
Mark Knight
Zane Spell Sword
Kaz Blademaster/Samurai
Robby Archer
Kyle Rogue
Seth Priest
Franz Mage
Geb Sage
Gene Gunner
Hyde Warlock
Kier Bard
Finn Gambler
Raphael Alchemist
Von Blacksmith


Name Class Personality Concept Art
Irma Warrior
Mika Monk
Jillian Knight
Phoebe Spell Sword
Lisa Blademaster/Samurai
Nene Archer
Helga Rogue
Marianne Cleric
Aurora Mage
Cecilia Sage
Lena Gunner
Wilhelmina Warlock
Grace Dancer
Ilya Gambler
Ophelia Alchemist
Selene Scribe

Final Notes

  • Changing anything under the "Name" and "Class" is not encouraged. Adding Personality and Concept art is.
  • Anyone can suggest a name change but not on job change.
  • Ask me through the comments if you have questions.
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