This Series, SAO: Tallyn Edition, is property of AdamantiumBladez.

SAO: Tallyn Edition
Story Information
Publish May 21st - June 10th, 2015
Author AdamantiumBladez
Cover Character(s) Tallyn
Status In-progress
Sequel SAO: Alshain Edition

The Tallyn Edition (テーリン・エディション, Tērin Edishon) is the first of a collection of four short stories created by AdamantiumBladez. The character focus is on Tallyn and his time in <<Aincrad>> spent as a mercenary in search for one player out of thousands.


In the world of <<Sword Art Online>> (SAO), where the game is no longer a game, and death is as permanent as the real world. There are those who fight on the frontlines to clear the game for the sake of all players, those who settle into a new reality, those who kill for the ideals of a madman, and those who wander aimlessly for something they can never find. Getting yourself mixed up with these latter people is a risk in its self, because you never quite know which way they will turn, or on you. Tallyn is one of these people, or so you would assume.


Info Broken

Main Article: Info Broken (情報壊れました, Jōhō Kowaremashita)

In need of information to further his goal, Tallyn undertakes a high risk mission for the sake of one of the few people in the game who could give him what he needs. In <<Sword Art Online>>, living and surviving are two different ways of life.

Titan's Chore

Main Article: Titan's Chore (タイタンの雑用, Taitan no Zatsuyō)

A paid contract with a notorious Orange Guild makes Tallyn question whether loyalty to his hirers is worth the consequence that might befall the victim of the information he is sent to collect.


Main Article: Payment (支払い, Shiharai)

With the floors reaching higher and the contracts getting tougher, a new weapon is necessary to continue in this business. Tallyn accepts a rather simple task from a recommended blacksmith in <<Lindarth>> on the 48th Floor, for a promised reward.

Out and In

Main Article: Out and In (アウトとで, Auto to De)

After two years trapped in <<Sword Art Online>>, the game ends prematurely and Tallyn never achieved the promise he made on his first day. Contemplating the time he spent in <<Aincrad>>, he finally awakens in hospital to the biggest surprise.

Major Characters

  • Tallyn (Hikoboshi Satoru) - All stories
  • Argo (?) - Info Broken
  • Rosalia (?) - Titan's Chore
  • Kirito (Kirigaya Kazuto) - Titan's Chore
  • Lisbeth (Shinozaki Rika) - Payment
  • Alshain (Hikoboshi Kenichi) - Out and In


  • A fifth story was originally suppose to write about the first day of <<Sword Art Online>>, but that was scrapped because the same story has been told over and over. The original storyline was added into the fourth story "Out and In", abridging what was originally intended.
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