The second Arc of Sword Art Online: Snow and Bells.

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November 22, 2024

Beast King Arc

Cover art for The Beast King Arc

I never thought I was going to to die at the hands of my own wife, Luna. Only moments ago, my guild was on the verge of defeating one of «Laughing Coffin's» dangerous and one of their remaining member:

"Ah, but one of you had a dark secret. Your leader. Ahahahaa!"

Confusion erupts in between the Snow Bells.

"Chris.....what does he mean...?"

The evil Player Killer smiles and explains.

"You see, he's a programmer of the game. Or another way of saying it, he helped trap ten thousand players in this «death game»."

Everyone's faces were in shock. I staggered and stared at my hand. And then I look at them and reached out for them as if I needed a hug.

I looked at Luna, my love and «wife», but her expression shown as if she's bee

n betrayed. And she had.

"Luna...I-It's not what it really sounds like-"

"What is it that we don't see? We clearly see that you're a liar, a murderer, and a player(seducing women with no real intent. Not to get it mixed with gamer).

"I...I didn't know that Kaya-"

"You deserve to die."


I walk towards her, but she backed away.

"Stay away from me!"

"Luna...." I repeat.

At this point, she unsheathes her sword.

"Stay away!"

She swings her sword around.

The next thing I notice was the sword sticking through my chest.

Now, back to the present.

My HP was dramatically decreasing and I stepped closer to my wife, her blade digging deeper.

Her eyes shown many things. Fear, hate, shock, unforgiveness, and love. Though, she probably won't feel love soon.

I didn't blame the Snow Bells for hating me. I didn't blame Luna for killing me.

Finally, by her ear, I whispered,"I-I'm sorry, b-but I always did love you....."

My vision goes blank.

Author's Notes

The Beast King Arc will be quite long. But....that's a good thing, right?


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