The events one month prior to the first part.





Floor 23, Sometime in between October and November 2023.....

Snow's window read:

[Duel Lost]

The player, Kirito, was the first to beat him in a Half-Loss duel. On top of that, his reaction time surpassed Snow's.

Snow was an admin and a programmer for SAO, despite his late teenage age. Unfortunately, he was tricked into playing the game by Kayaba Akihiko the day it released publicly. His sole mission was to find the best candidate to wield the Dual Blades skill. Dual Blades is a Unique Skill that only one player can carry, other than Snow, for he is the sender. Snow, however, cannot use Dual Blades, as Kayaba blocked him from ever using it. What was Kayaba planning for the future of SAO, he had no idea. Nor did he cared.

Snow believes that Kirito could be this candidate. Not cocky, not selfish.

Snow looks up at the night sky. This game, this VRMMORPG, Sword Art Online, was beautiful, despite the game's curse. It was coId, but Snow was wearing his every day wear, the Arctic Lion Coat, which he was originally a drop by a monster he had slain. He just had someone create into a coat. 

Coming back to reality, he remembers his duel. Snow takes out one of his many health potions as quickly as he could. You never know, something might attack him. He also remembers who he fought with.

"Well, that was a good fight, don't you agree?" Snow says to the Black Swordsman to his right after drinking his health potion. 

"Yeah," Kirito replies," I see you also use one-handed swords without a shield."

"Eh, I just think it looks cool."

"....well maybe we'll cross paths again. See ya." And I disappeared to my hotel, not looking back at the strong fighter.


Snow returns to his hotel and sits on his bed to hack into into Kirito's menu. He enters the Black Swordman's Skills window then adds the Dual Blades skill to the list and set a delay of two weeks before it appears.

"Haa...." Snow sighs and relaxes by collapsing fully onto his bed. His thoughts became deep.

What would he do now? Fight on the Front Lines? Big possibility. Live a normal life like most of the players here? Nah. His violent bipolar personality wouldn't be peaceful. 

But as he decided on what he shoul do, time seemed to be slowing done. Like, when you're excite for something and it's taking forever. That's the feeling.

He just started by closing his eyes, and falling asleep.


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