This Series, SAO: Kengyu Edition, is property of AdamantiumBladez.

SAO: Kengyu Edition
Story Information
Publish N/a
Author AdamantiumBladez
Cover Character/s Kengyu, Tallyn, Lyra
Status Not started
Prequel SAO: Alshain Edition
Sequel SAO: Deneb Edition

The Kengyu Edition (ケニュー・エディション, Kenyū Edishon) is the third of a collection of four short stories created by AdamantiumBladez. The character focus is on Kengyu, and how the account came into creation from one's sorrow and two's joy.


Within those two years trapped in <<Sword Art Online>> (SAO), Tallyn had to endure the psychological effects that come with a fantasy world that is too real to be fiction. With his friends dead, and his brother missing, only one more death was needed to push him over the edge. What salvation can there be for him when the game finally ends.


The Maiden in the Cowherd

Main Article: The Maiden in the Cowherd (牛飼いで処女, Ushikai de Shojo)

While gathering supplies at Agil's, he runs into a low leveled player who asks him for help, without knowing his trade. Deciding to play the game rather than live as he had done, he accepts. A strange new feeling forms inside his chest.

The Magpie

Main Article: The Magpie (カササギ, Kasasagi)

Having lost the one thing that he hung onto in this world, he contemplates death as an escape, but a greater force drives him to take up his dagger again. But how far is he willing to go, before he realizes how far it is?

Shattered Soul

Main Article: Shattered Soul (粉々になった魂, Konagona ni Natta Tamashī)

The game has ended, but the memories have deeply scarred him, and his dreams are haunted by the faces of players whom have died before his eyes, with him or by him. A government psychiatrist attempts to find him salvation with an unusual proposition.


Main Article: Imps (インプ, Inpu)

Living life in peace within <<ALfheim Online>> (ALO), Kengyu decides on a trip to the Crescent Gulf. He meets a fellow Undine who has come to reflect on her memories of an Imp whom shares a history with her, which reminds Kengyu of his own Imp's life.

Major Characters

  • Tallyn/Kengyu (Hikoboshi Satoru) - All stories
  • Lyra (Tanabata Orihime) - The Maiden in the Cowherd and The Magpie
  • Agil (Andrew Gilbert Mills) - The Maiden in the Cowherd
  • Dr. Amano - Shattered Soul
  • Alshain (Hikoboshi Kenichi) - Shattered Soul
  • Siune (An Si-eun) - Imps
  • Yuuki (Konno Yuuki) - Imps


  • Despite being named after Kengyu, the account that bears the name doesn't appear until the third story.