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SAO: Deneb Edition
Story Information
Publish N/a
Author AdamantiumBladez
Cover Character(s) Tallyn, Sinon
Status Not started
Prequel SAO: Kengyu Edition
Sequel SAO: Girls Ops - Birch Rune

The Deneb Edition (デンブ・エディション, Denbu Edishon) is the fourth of a collection of four short stories created by AdamantiumBladez. The character focus is on Tallyn, and his impact on the events before and after the "Death Gun" Incident, under the Pseudo name: "Deneb".


In one of the most popular games in two countries, <<Gun Gale Online>> (GGO), a new player under the pseudo name, "Death Gun" has begun to scare virtual players with his ability to kill players in-game. With the situation only a rumour at this stage, the Bureau decides they need an observer in-game who can gather information without raising suspicions. Their pick is an SAO survivor, known as Tallyn.


Bite the Bullet

Main Article: Bite the Bullet (ひるみません, Hirumamasen)

When a player in GGO dies under mysterious circumstances, the Bureau hires Tallyn to enter the game to gather information. Working within the new environment he was tasked to infiltrate, he enters in the victims old squadron, under the codename: Deneb.

One Shot, One Kill

Main Article: One Shot, One Kill (ワンショット、ワンキル, Wan Shotto, Wankiru)

During the November season, "Deneb" (aka Tallyn) is midway through a monster hunting sessison with some players who were apart of XeXeeD's squadron. But fortune turns against them when they are caught in an ambush with a player hunting squadron. Pinned down by five players on the ground, Deneb targets the legendary sniper, known as "Hecate".

All the Range

Main Article: All the Range (全ての範囲, Subete no Han'i)

With the <<3rd Bullet of Bullets>> Tournament at a close, Sinon tries playing <<ALfheim Online>>, but find difficulty in learning to use ranged weapons in a close quarter combat environment. After picking up a tip, she makes her way to one of the few players in <<Yggdrasil City>> she least expected to see.

Eye for an Eye

Main Article: Eye for an Eye (目には目を, Me ni wa Me o)

Two years were spent in <<Aincrad>>, and 3,853 lost their lives, 2,000 in the first month. Twelve met their deaths at the hands of Tallyn, but only the first five were killed as an act of revenge.

Major Characters

  • Tallyn/Kengyu (Hikoboshi Satoru) - All stories
  • Sinon (Asada Shino) - All stories
  • Chrysheight (Kikuoka Seijirou) - Bite the Bullet
  • Alshain (Hikoboshi Kenichi) - All the Range
  • Lisbeth (Shinozaki Rika) - All the Range
  • Silica (Ayano Keiko) - All the Range
  • Dr. Amano - Eye for an Eye
  • Wesselton (?) - Eye for an Eye


  • This is the first short story collection to not be named after an avatar's name, but rather after a codename.
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