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SAO: Alshain Edition
Story Information
Publish June 10th, 2015 - present
Author AdamantiumBladez
Cover Character(s) Alshain, Tallyn
Status In progress
Prequel SAO: Tallyn Edition
Sequel SAO: Kengyu Edition

The Alshain Edition (アルシャイン・エディション, Arushain Edishon) is the second of a collection of four short stories created by AdamantiumBladez. The character focus is on Alshain, and his first real experiences in an VRMMORPG.


After two years in <<Sword Art Online>> (SAO), Alshain's brother has finally been released from the game. The time they spent apart has finally ended and it is time for the two to heal the rift that split them up six years ago. The success of <<ALfheim Online>> and their collective interests is all but too enticing to try out. What will happen?



Main Article: Crossroads (クロスロード, Kurosurōdo)

On there way to the <<World Tree>> to take on the Grand Quest, the pair stop in Legrue where Tallyn meets a fellow SAO survivor. Seeing the way his brother acted around other survivors starts getting Alshain into thought.

The Dragon Tamer

Main Article: The Dragon Tamer (ドラゴンテイマー, Doragonteimā)

The launch of <<New ALfheim Online>> (ALO) kicks off, and when <<Aincrad>> is to be added later that night, Alshain gets excited. But getting lost after testing out unlimited flight, he wanders through Cait Sith territory, as a Salamander.

The Murmur's Sword

Main Article: The Murmur's Sword (つぶやきの剣, Tsubuyaki no Ken)

The chance to receive the <<Holy Sword Excalibur>> sends the two brothers on a trip to <<Jotunheimr>>. But through the endless hordes of Evil Gods and Frost Creatures, the pair got more than they bargained for.

Stars of the Fourth Floor

Main Article: Stars of the Fourth Floor (4階のスター, 4-Kai no Sutā)

In August 2022, the Beta test for <<Sword Art Online>> (SAO) was launched to 1000 people. Hikoboshi Satoru was one of the lucky participants. Kenichi is curious to what happened to his brother, who used the same avatar he himself now uses, and what he got up to.

Major Characters

  • Alshain (Hikoboshi Kenichi) - All stories
  • Tallyn (Hikoboshi Satoru) - All stories
  • Kirito (Kirigaya Kazuto) - Crossroads
  • Leafa (Kirigaya Suguha) - Crossroads
  • Isis (Odamaki Hakaru) - The Dragon Tamer
  • Denebola (Hideki Naho) - Stars of the Fourth Floor
  • Kekwan (Kamata Hisamitsu) - Stars of the Fourth Floor
  • Merak (Morioka Tomoaki) - Stars of the Fourth Floor


  • While all the stories are focused around the avatar, Alshain, the first three focus on his current user, Hikoboshi Kenichi, while the fourth story focuses on his creator and former user, Hikoboshi Satoru (currently playing under Tallyn).
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