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Sword Art Online: Trial By Fire
Written by: Cherrial Arctic
Published: Unknown
Chapter 1

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Floor 1, Town of Beginnings

Trinity`s boots clicked as she walked down the street a rapier fencing sword tied to her waist. "Hungry." Trinity said sighing before she spotted a restaurant. The bell chimed as the door was opened by Trinity who entered the restaurant. "Thank you I`ll have Sweet and Sour Fish Fillets please." Trinity quietly said telling a waitress her order. "That will be 2 col ma'm." Opening her wallet, she took out two col, handing it to the waitress before leaving the restaurant. "Lady Trinity, we have to a meeting with the other sub-leaders!" One of the lower-ranked Knights of the Blood Oath`s member shouted dragging Trinity down to their headquarters.

"Oi! Wait up Baka Yuuki!" A girl dressed in silver armor, with a emerald-green stone set in the middle of her circlet shouted chasing after the two people. "Yama-san hurry up then!" The girl shouted back with a grin before turning right into a dead-end.

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