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Floor 50, August 7th, 2026

I stand over the top of a tree looking at the players of the Sylph and Cait Sith Races encampment, on the plains of Algade.

They had some Intel I was interested in, that’s why I was following them, and even though Cait Sith had the best eyesight of all players, it must not have been perfect since they hadn’t discovered me.

They and many other races had been running from place to place since Hao and his Legions conquered these last floors and started his kingship over Aincrad. And by the judging, he was winning. Few race armies now stand in his way of continuing to conquer the entire castle. And whoever was mad enough to face the Supreme Legion, could count himself or themselves dead.

No one can stand to the might of their armies, and whoever wanted to do so, would just end up killed.

But that was not my concern. At least not for the moment.

I was just there for one reason and one reason alone.

I was in Aincrad just for one thing I hadn’t accomplished in a year and three months: killing Mordread, and his bunch of mad dogs, who call themselves, the League of Darkness Knights. Few members, but each of them strong.

And getting that Intel was going to help me to accomplish my only goal and reason.

A small group of about twenty members was breaking encampment, and travelling towards the south, to the place where I was watching at them. A small forest, where the deep vegetation kept my appearance hidden.

This wasn’t the first time I had seen one of their groups travelling that way, which was the one where a labyrinth entrance was placed.

That could mean just one thing…

“It will begin soon…” I think, while keeping my gaze towards them, as they get nearer and nearer to me.

I had other things to care about later. More important ones. I decide to get up from my kneeling stance and spread my wings at my back, getting closer thought the woods to the place where they were about to pass. A perfect place for a small surprise…

As I fly towards that place as fast and as stealth I could.

I voice up for myself.

“War is coming….”

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