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Sword Art Online: New Aincrad
Written by: FedeTkd
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Floor 50th, August 10th, 2026


“Supreme Weapon.”

Dozens of weapons appear, just showing the handle, behind Hao floating in thin air.


A silver and golden blade appears before the King, who grabs it with his right hand; afterwards snaps his left hand’s fingers as the weapons banish from sight.

Galant in front of him draws Maximus Caliburn from his back and gets ready.

At the side of the huge training courtyard, Markus, Freya, Tyr and Taikeus got ready to watch what was going to come.





Galant spreads his wings and flies at max speed against Hao who remains steady and gets ready for the attack. Their blades clash between them, as sparks came out from the resonances from both weapons. Galant pushes himself with his feet planted on the ground jumping above Hao and attacks with a single stardust Slasher, which was deflected back by the King. This forced Galant to move and elude his own attack, but in the meantime his adversary jumps and hits him hard in the face with his empty hand making him spin in the air several times before stopping and placing both feet on the ground. This time Hao starts his offensive rushing and then slashing vertically as Galant sidesteps while parrying the blade, goes to hit Hao’s back, but he manages to rapidly turn around and parry the blow. He continues his spin, preparing a high kick to end up blocked by Galant’s Aegis forearm protector and with his right hand deliver a jab straight to the chest, sliding back thought the sands losing his balance, never less, he quickly recovers it.

They rush to each other and in the middle, both spread up their wings. They first clash their blades and then their fists. Galant then moves faster, and slashes Hao’s legs managing to parry his attack, deflating the blade and continuing with the momentum going for the neck. On its way, the imperator places his left hand and Caliburn just found way to a hellkarium saw blade shield, which started spinning at max speed sending thousands of sparks out and forcing the Champion to back off. Hao advances, eager to defeat his adversary, beheading him with the black whirlwind on his hand. Galant barely manages to bend backwards his entire body; as the blade passed few centimeters from his head and then kicking back Hao, setting distance between them.

“He said that he wouldn’t use his weapon throw to test his strength in his fight with me…But still is using his other weapons…Funny guy…”

Galant spread his wings and attacks Hao, who does the same. They clash weapons and pass by each other again, again and again. Both of them matching each other’s skills, flying at high speed. They clash another time, Galant goes up setting distance between him and his adversary, who begins to run back him as the had settled distance, he uses several fast Stardust Slashers, all of them to be deflected by Hao. Galant draws his dagger and throws it at Hao, who again defends with his shield but as the dagger scratched his cheek, Galant rushed downwards and managed to parry his shield out and strike a hard kick right into Hao’s stomach, making him plummet to the ground, creating a small sand crater on the ground. The Slayer of Cerdic banished his wings and plummeted down ready to fishing Hao of, who eludes it jumping from the ground with his arms, spinning, standing back again. Galant approaches him with his wings spread open again and they begin to attack and defend constantly, each attack and defense faster and stronger than the one before, yet forcing Hao back with each strike. Galant begins spinning several times while advancing in the air, crating a bladed swirl with his blade, which clashed with Hao’s saw blade shield, making remain Hao even more defensive. Galant finishes spinning but uses the momentum to clash his blade with Hao’s shield, making it move aside by the power of the strike, as the Champion continued and double grabbed his sword.


He divides his blade in two grabbing each blade with one hand, and both of them turn red crimson ready for his attack. He moves his entire body circularly forwards, both blades in from of him using Crescent Stardust Slasher aiming directly to Hao’s neck. Galant attacks while screaming at the same time, as the King could do nothing but bend his body backwards. Both crimson sword skills passing inches from his face, and then clashed with the side of the castle, leaving two huge slashes on it and sending debris, dust and small rocks flying to the sky.

Galant ends his strike with both blades at his back, and his eyes looking to his adversary.

Hao’s right leg behind him touches earth, first with his fingers, and slowly all his foot until the heel. He remain like frozen for a second, while his body was still bending by the attack.

He smiles.

He jumps with help of the momentum, spins and lands on his feet. His shield disappears from his left hand.

“BAKUZAN!” A black-bladed katana appears at the back of Hao and he grabs it with his now empty hand.

“Enough warming up.” Galant says


Both of them stare to each other for a second, as Hao kept his smiling face while Galant remains with his serious gaze. They rush to each other at the same time and clash blades once again. The power of the strike sends shockwaves and the grains of sands right beneath their feet rebound far from them. Both part, going to each other’s back, and soon they get around at the same time and clash blades for a second consecutive time, sending the same shockwaves in the process. None of them gave ground to each other, and stood matching each other’s skill with sword perfectly. Their blades and bodies moved at the same speed. They thought each other move at the same time they planned their own. Loud sound of clashing steel was the only thing to hear. That and the fast heating of their hearts, as the time stopped each and every single time their weapons clashed with each other. They could continue that battle forever, yet, both of them had other thing to do. Just one victor and one defeated.

Galant jumps on Hao’s leg and delivers a kick right on to his chin, yet the King lands on his feet as the blue warrior does the same, but Hao uses the opportunity to attack him now that he stood on a disadvantage, ready to stab him. Secace passes through his left shoulder and he parry manages to parry Bakuzan, which scratched his upper arm. Galant headbutts the guild leader directly on the face, forcing him backwards and retracting the blade form his forearm, attacking with both blades and the same time from his right, beginning a vicious frenzy trying to defeat Hao, who first defects both blades with his katana, but Galant comes the other way around changing his momentum quickly and first deflecting Bakuzan and trying to stab Hao with his other blade, which manages to damage the chest of his armor. Galant passes by after the strike, as Hao moved to let him do it, leaving his back open for an attack. He advances on him, but Galant rolls on the ground quickly getting up and parrying his strike with his right blade and kicking Hao and kicks him back, and opening his hands in the process.

Galant gets up and prepared the Sword Skill Vorpal Strike, consisting of a powerful finishing stab, to end the battle once and for all. Galant looks to Hao’s face and notices a smile. In that moment, he noticed Hao opened his arms on purpose. The King sidesteps the attack and slices with his katana three of Galant’s left hand fingers, making him drop his sword. He fells pain but has no time to feel it. Now without both of his sword, he had no chance to win. Hao now begins his own frenzy assault, making quick fast slashes in all directing he can as Galant is forced back, trying to elude and parry all the attacks he can. First right, then left then down right then up left. Each time their blades clash, sparks are sent in multiple directions. Galant parries both swords and continuing Hao’s strike, he manages to lock his last strike, Secace now with tip on the ground with Caliburn on top of it, avoiding more strikes. Still Hao rises from that, ending the defense, attacking first with Bakuzan and afterwards goes for his neck. Both blows are parried but as Galant looked at Secace’s blade, inches from his neck, Hao slowly retracts it and slashes Galant’s left leg, forcing him back again. Hao attacks and clashes with Galant’s left forearm protector. He then parries the stab from Bakuzan with his sword, as the King came again with his other blade, to be again blocked by the armor. Hao then attacks Galant’s hand but he blocks the move with his sword. They locked blades and locked eyes with each other. Determinate gazes, both of them. Galant’s will for his revenge is put to match with Hao’s determination for conquering. It ended once Hao opens both of his arms, forcing Galant back and sending sparks out of the friction of the metal. Hao seizes the chance again and attacks Galant, who parries the black katana again with his sword and manages to grab Hao’s left hand with his two remaining fingers. Hao attacks with Secance…

Time froze.

As Galant grabbed Hao’s left hand between them, Hao placed Secace right to Galant’s beginning of the neck, while Galant placed the edge of his own against Hao’s neck.

The spectators couldn’t believe it, yet both combatants neither could.

“This…is tie…”

Hao nods his head, taking back his weapons as Galant did the same with his, sheathing them back.

“You‘re worthy of your title, Galant, Dimachearus Knight.”

“Thanks. I must say the same for you.” Galant finishes strapping back his weapons and healing his body. He approaches Hao.

“Well fought.” Hao extends his hand at him. Galant gladly takes it. They shake hands.

“With these skills matching me you must join my guild.”

“I already told you. I’m no leader. Neither I’m interested on joining any guild.”

“My offer is still maintained. I know that one day…you will accept it.”

Galant doesn’t believe him, but nods anyway and heads to the main gate.

“Where are you going, I wander?”

“I’m joining the Boss Battle. See what these guys are capable of.”


Galant turns around and continues on his way passing next to the officers who all give a bad stare on him, except for Freya, which he nods.

“Galant!” he hears from Hao. “You think that one day; we may finish this battle with one victor?”

Galant thinks for a moment.

“Maybe King…Maybe.”


Lamorak: “Twenty more men from the other races over the past days. They’re waiting right outside.”

Kirito: “Twenty…how many are waiting outside.”

Lamorak: “fifty, almost. We’re 49. How many players fought against the 50th floor boss inside SAO.”

Kirito: “Considerably more…”

Lamorak: “What’s your plan then?”

Kirito: “Hope that the Boss isn’t as strong as I think.”

Klein arrives to the tent followed by Asuna and Leafa. The presence of a Salamander isn’t liked by Lamorak, who held a great disgust towards after the rivalry between his race and the fire fairies.

Kirito: “You’ve got that information Klein?” While he stands up from the chair of his tent.

Klein: “We did. Here it is.” He gives to him a paper containing the information about the boss. Kirito gets up from the chair and reads in loud voice.

Kirito: “Goliath. He is a 15 meter tall giant with other three Small Goliath’s helping him.”

Asuna: “it has changed since SAO.”

Lamorak: “The Company Ymir isn’t as stupid as they seem to be.”

Klein: “What’s the plan then?

Kirito: “We’re 50, we will divide our team in four groups each of us commanding the team. Two teams with 13 and the others with 12. We’ll take out firs those three monsters, and then concentrate in an all-out assault against the last one.”

They all nod back and get out of the place.

Kirito explained the plan the best he could rising his voice and showing a powerful confident personality to inspiring the people. After this, he divided his men between the different groups. Sinon and Agil would be alongside Kirito. Asuna would receive help from Lisbeth and Silica. Klein will have his Fuurinkazan former members right next to him and finally, Lamorak will command the two sylphs Leafa and Recon. They divided the rest of the men.

The leaders part to get ready their squad but Asuna remains with Kirito for a moment.

“You think this will work?”

“I don’t know…”

“It will, papa!” Yui says smiling to him, while she is sitting on her mother’s shoulder.

He taps her hair with his little finger, making her smile, after it he places his hand on Asuna’s shoulder.

“We can but do our best right now. Go to you group.”

Kirito leaves for his own group before noticing a player dressed with a brown cloak and a hood covering her face. He was directly staring at him, though he couldn’t see his eyes, he knew he was. After some seconds he walks to get next to his men, as this player did the same, joining his own group.


The large part of the newly formed Knights of Blood stood in front of the boss gate, all the players ready sharpening their weapons. From the four leaders on front Kirito stood proud in front of them. He first looks to all his players faces one by one,

“My friends, steady your heart. Look deep into your souls. For your prowess and courage are going to be tested this day! If in the heat of battle you need a reason to fight on, you need only to look at the player who fighting right beside you! This is the why of battle. This is the brotherhood of players in arms! An unbreakable bond made stronger by the crucible of combat! You will never be closer than with those who you shed your blood with! For there’s no nobler cause than to fight for those who will lay down their life for you! So you fight strong today. You fight for your brothers. Fight for your families. But most of all you fight for Freedom!”


“Players! You just have to make sure one thing once the battle starts…”

Recon advanced among the players.

“And what’s that?”

“That you aren’t killed on the first battle.”

All the players laugh.

“That goes for each and every one of you!”

He advances and just touches the gate, the door opened widely alone. It was the large cavern-like boss room opened and precious stones shined, lighting the room and revealing the large boss, which was petrified against the wall. It opened one of its eyes as it began to move, breaking the seal that set him imprisoned. It rapidly broke out of the place and roared, forcing all the placers to cover their ears and leaving their ears ringing for a long while.

The small ever versions appear out of the floor just in front of Goliath. They were similar to small versions of goliath himself, of approximately 3 to 5 feet tall.


The players rushed at the monsters as the monsters did the same. Kirito advances in front of his troops, eluding the Small Goliath’s attack and slicing the leg off its body in a single slash. Klein and Lamorak manage to attack in a similar way. Kirito manages to advance, and makes his wings appear, ready to face the boss by himself. He eludes the fist of the monster and slashes all the way up, and then takes out his bade and slices the arm off. The monster screams as he smiled, yet the monster used this opportunity to punch him with his other fist, sending him to the ground and taking a good portion of his HP. He gets up quickly at the back of his men, and notices that from what was left of the arm of the monster, hot steam was coming out, and out of nowhere, the arm grew back again. The other three monsters had the same ability, they regained their loosen members and got up back again forcing the player back.

“Regeneration.” He whispers as his comrades are right next to him.

“What’s the plan?” Asuna asks, as Klein helps his friend up.

“If they can regenerate, we must attack as fast as we can, and take their HP before they do. Klein, Lamorak and my squad shall hold three of them as you kill the remaining. GO!”

Kiito advances as do his whole guild right behind him.

He eludes the first monster’s fist and slashes it arm off. Agil right next to him manages to injure it gravelly with his great axe. Sinon gets one of her arrows right thought the eye of the monster and charges another, staying at good distance from the monsters and covering her friends.

Klein advances with his man and opens his wings, eluding both arms of the monster and getting close to its head, slicing its eye, but the monster then hits him with his elbow. Rapidly, his team attacks the monster as he get ups back again, and rushes back to attack the monster. Lamorak an alongside Leafa manage to elude the lots of trikes from their monster and manage to deal great damage to its legs though they were rapidly forced out by, the monster who cast a serious blow swinging it’s hand and throw them far from their team. Recon manages to jump and slash all the way upwards, and then slashing this face, but the monster grabbed it with his mouth and then spitted him out against the wall, taking almost all his HP. Leafa managed to get near him and aid him as Lamorak came back to lead his team. Asuna advances with Lis and Silica right next to her.


Several ice blades appear in front of her as she impales the monster in the legs, leaving it unable to move. Lis is the next to attack fist blocking an attack with her shield, and then smashing her maze to the giant’s knee. She is followed by Silica who finishes slashing the leg off the monster with a powerful sword skill with her dagger sending it to the ground. Asuna falls in the chest of the monster, but it tried to grab her.


Four log tentacles made of water chain the monster hands. Asuna got near to its face and beheaded the monster with a single swing of her rapier, killing it.

The members of Fuurinazan manage to get the Small goliath to its knees as then Klein killed it using iai, with his sword ignited with fired. Lamorak notices this, and trying not to be less than the Salamander, cuts off one of the Small Goliath’s arms, and eludes the other hand by millimeter, slashing it at the same time. Leafa appears just behind him and takes its hand of. A cloaked player flies between both legs of the monster, with his sword slashes both legs almost at the same time, managing to take the last boss guard down. They three pierced with their weapons the head of the monster at the same time. It shatters into thousands of multicolored polygons.

Kirito flies and is one of the few managing to elude Goliath’s attacks, which had defeated most of them and even killing some, as if they were bothering mosquitos around him, and killing them with his hands and smashing them into the walls and floor. He spins around the same place he was eluding the strike of the monster and using the same move from before slashing the arm off the boss and advances taking its eyes with a slash. Agil and the rest of the player manage to bring down the monster with a powerful strike to the chest.

“Finish him now Kirito!” Agil said.

He got down and prepared to beheaded the monster his pitch black Long Sword. He charged a sword skill and got ready, when the Goliath got up, his loosen members regenerated faster than before sending all the players fling and hitting the ground some of them rolling.

Sinon: “This is…impossible…”

Lamorak: “Could it be…”

Asuna: “what do you think."

Lamorak: “Once we defeated his monsters, he gained their healing abilities. He re-heals three times faster.”

Klein: “With that huge body is impossible to destroy him. We can’t deal enough damage to defeat him. He re-heals faster than we can make wounds.”

Kirito: “Tch…” He looked to Goliath in front of him, getting ready for the final rush and stamping his enemies to death.

Leafa: “Brother, you need to use Excaliber while dual wielding now!”

Kirito: “But…”

He doubted, looking to the ground. When he obtained the strongest sword in ALO, he promised himself to not use it for personal gain. But the truth was he was afraid of its power. The strongest sword in the game was a heavy burden to carry. If he used it badly, nothing could come out good.

A shadow covered his face.

“You disappoint me, Twin Black Swordsman.”

Kirito looked up and noticed a player just in front of him.

“A leader couldn’t give his own life for the sake his own guild, is no true leader.”

“You are…”

The player begins to whisper words as he removes his cloak from his body. A dragon’s head symbol appeared in his right forearm, and he raises forward his opened hand.

The monster began rushing towards them.


A white dragon appeared in front of the player and it managed to hold back for some seconds the boss, thought being several times bigger than the Dragon was.

The player remains holding his right hand, as his dragon kept against the player. He manages to looks back with the corner of his eye.

“I’m Galant.”

“The cloaked player from before, you were him”

Galant doesn’t respond and remains looking to his dragon holding back the large giant, as his HP slowly decreased.

Most of the player behind him get up, reading up of another assault.

“What’s you plan now?”

“We have to strike him with all our strong in a single attack. I’ve got one of those. I’ll take my dragon out of there. Send all your men, and re-heal me. Give me a minute and it’s done.”

“It’s done. Asuna re-heal him! Attack!”

Galant banishes Stardust as KoB advanced to hold the boss back, as Asuna, reluctantly re-healed him. He rapidly gained it back and drew his sword from his back.

Asuna got next to him.

“Don’t think I’ve forgotten what you did…” She said, looking with a serious face to Galant, which he returned.

Galant raises his sword in the air and divides it. He closes his eyes and focuses on the players around him. Their energy. Their wishes. Their power. And gather it inside of him as four random player shined in four different colors: green, orange, yellow and orange. Galant himself as well begins to shine blue.


Four clones appear next to him, two at each side, forming a semi-circle. He places both of his forearms in front of him, in a position similar to an X and charges a new skill he had developed over the past months. All his clones do the same. Their swords shine golden as the sun itself, as his HP rapidly decreased.

“NOW!” He screams getting out all the air in his lungs, alerting the player raid party.



Hundreds of Stardust Slahser clash against the body of Goliath like a maelstrom of comets clashing its body and leaving nothing but a cloud of dust and smoke on the place the monster was.

The monster again comes out, with his body destroyed and more hot steam coming out from the thousand wounds, as its HP slowly increased. He looks to its attacker and rushes to him at max speed, as Galant spreads his wings and flies right the same direction to it. Goliath tries to grab him, yet Galant reacts faster eluding its hand and then goes right to the monster eyes, stabbing them both, leaving his sword and jumping back spinning in the air and finally stopping once he touched the stalactites from the ceiling. He looks to the monster re-healing both of his eyes as it took out one of the swords as if it was a toothpick

“This ends now.” He flies again and closes his right fist, as his fist ignites golden energy. “Stardust…”

He flies diagonally directly to the chest of the monster, as from his body came out an aura which enveloped him, as it took the form of a giant golden fist, fling directly to the chest of the monster, like a golden meteor piercing thought the night’s black sky. Goliath roared and tried to counter the fist with one of his own. Both fist collide, yet Galant’s fist destroys it as soon as they do so. He clashes against the chest of the monster struggling more and more…


It pierces the monster chest leaving a huge hole on it Galant’s strie4k continues as he clashes against the ground, rolls and stops with help of his right hand, after the impulse from the fall had ended.

Both swords stuck to the ground meters in front of him

He gets up as the monster’s HP was gone and what was left of its body shattered.

The message of congratulations appeared alongside the triumph music.

Galant grabs both of his swords and sheathes them back, as the player run to speak to the one that had just defeated the boss. Among them, players that he knew, which are the first to rush towards him.

Klein: “Galant…you are alive!”

Silica: “Sir Galant!”

Lis: “Galant!”

Klein: “Where did you get that sword!? You can dual wield with that?!”

Galant: “Yes. Old friends gave it to me…” he remains serious.

Kirito and the rest of his guild appear right behind him.

Kirito: “Thanks. Who are you?”

Klein: “Let me do the presentation. Kirito this is Galant. Trapped in SAO the same as us, The Slayer of Cerdic and the Leader of the Royal Knights.”

Galant: “Not any longer…”

Asuna: “Indeed.”

She points her sword at him, directly to his face. Galant doesn’t move a muscle, but remains calm and serious looking to the girl directly to the eye.

Lis: “What the hell are you doing?!”

Klein: “Get down the sword! He’s our friend!”

Asuna: “he’s many things. A friend isn’t among them.”

Kirito: “Get your sword down…”

Asuna: “Let me do another presentation. Kirito, this is Galant: former leader of the Royal Knights, Slayer of Cerdic. Accused of killing his own friends, sentenced to die in the arena, and then survive to become the Champion of Aincrad. A player killer and one of the worst.”

Dead silence.

Galant remains the same way as those who didn’t know him felt back, and some even pointed his sword at him.

Klein: “That’s…”

Galant: “True. All what you said is true. Except, I didn’t kill them.”

Asuna: “Prove it…”

Galant remains silent looking to her.

“Tell me!”

“I didn’t kill them. That’s it.”

Klein: “Asuna, that’s enough. He’s member of our guild. With two players that could dual wield sword we will defeat Hao’s Legions in no time.”

Lamorak approaches, and moves part of his cloak, revealing the wooden sword.

Lamorak: “That’s a rudis!” He takes out his sword, pointing it at him. “He’s a mercenary for Hao.”

Galant: “I’m playing Solo right now. Came here by my own concerns. Nothing more.”

Asuna: “Give me one good reason to not stab you right now.”

Galant: “If Hao had sent me here to kill you, I wouldn’t have killed the boss and saved you’re your asses in the meantime.”

Asuna lets her rapier down, and so does Lamorak and the rest of the players.

Asuna: “They why are you here?”

Galant: “To meet him.”

Galant looks to Kirito.

“The player that defeated Akihiko in his own game. Defeated Sugou and Death Gun the same way. The player that could dual wield in SAO.”

Kirito: “Yes…”

Galant: “and now you negate that power, not using Excaliber, the strongest sword of this game.”

Kirito: “…”

Galant: “if you are here to defeat Hao, you should start being a good leader. And that is one that’s not afraid of giving up his own life for just one of his followers.”

Kirito: “And why you care so much about this?”

Galant approaches him as Sinon pointed him with an arrow as other player got their weapons ready.

Galant: “Because I know what fells to lose someone loved.” He turns around. “You Knights of Blood are mad if you think that you can defeat the Legions of Hao. They’re the strongest and guild and the one with more members. You can’t win them. If you want to see your lives shortened, you go to certain victory.”

Kirito: “What’s why you fight for them?”

Galant: “Being with them gives me some advantages. And the Legions are the least of your concerns. Player that can also kill any of you in real life your biggest concern. The members of The League of Darkness Knights.”

Kirito looks at him, he thinks for a moment, until he finally notices.

“You’re a VRSMA user!”

Galant blinks his eyes, revealing them crimson red.

“Yes I am. But I don’t kill innocents. I can just kill while my eyes are red. Like this.”

He blinks again and when he opens, his eyes turn blue again.

“You all have no idea what’s coming. Death will come for all those who participate in this war. This is unlike anything we have ever faced.” He looks to Kirito. “Even for you. If you want to leave, do it now, and forget it. It’s not worth risk your life for this world.”

Kirito: “You’re telling me to surrender to Hao.”

Galant: “I recommend you to live, and for the sake of your guild mates, do it. I can’t take that path. You do.”

Kirito: “I won’t let Hao do as he pleases! Freedom is our right. And we fight for it. Join us…”

Galant looked to him.

Galant: “No.” He enters his menu, and accepts the last boss item drop. On his hand a long pitch black sword appeared. Name: Elucidator. He extends the sword to Kirito. “For ending the game.”

Kirito grabs the sword, his old sword. He thought he would never see it again. Galant turns around and walks to the entrance of 51th floor. Out of nowhere, Yui appears in front of him. Thinking she was a simple AI, he lets fly in front of his chest and place both of her hands on it. She closes her eyes and remains like that for a moment.

“Your heart still beats.”

“If you place ear to chest, you’ll find it without sound, child.”

He continues walking on his path.

Lamorak: “Is wise to let him go.”

Kirito: “Every man is free to make their own choice. Galant has made his.”

Asuna: “He may be a great threat.”

Kirito: “We’ve faced far worse.”


Floor 50th, August 10th, 2026

The camp of Salamaders is ignited with fire. Everything was burning in read as the forces were scattered across the camp, and slaughter by nine shadows each of them killing players in a more savage way. Braking necks. Taking heads. Smashing bodies. Exploding hearts. Braking bones. Killing almost everything on their path. Death itself had took control of the camp, and was having fun while doing it.

Just two shadows could walk through the place unharmed, and killing as player as got near to him. One clad in a black and golden armor, with a long red cape of his back. the other right next to him, with a black coat on his body and a mask of the same color, which revealed his red shining eyes.

“Your men prove themselves cousin.”

“As promised.”

“Where’s the General?”

“Come with me.”

They walk thought the place, and rapidly found the player they were searching, defeated by the legions of Hao, after they managed to remove his sword, what was really difficult. The general looked to the two players in front of him. He tried to get up, but was punched in the face by a soldier.

Hao was the first to speak

“My apologies General. I couldn’t wait this long.”

“You coward!”

The soldier was about to punch him.


The soldier stopped, after his King said so.

“I needed your men to the war. With your army it won’t be difficult to defeat the remaining armies.”

“If you think the Salamander will follow you, you are stupider than you look with that ridiculous armor of yours.”

“They will. Trust me.”

“That’s enough cousin. I will have his head!” Mordread said drawing three Black Knives from his sleeves.”

“No. The great General Eugene, must be defeated by the Leader of The Supreme Legion. To make salamanders fear me, more than their own former commander. CLEAR SPACE.”

Hao’s troops clear the space for the battle, leaving great part of camp to their fight as he took distance from the general, and removed the unnecessary parts of his armor, which banished in light like dust, leaving him with a lighter armor.

A soldier took out his handcuffs and gave his sword. Eugene used this opportunity to kill the player with a single swing of his sword, causing the rest of the army to ready their weapons on him.

“Hold! He was stupid indeed.”

“Now Supreme King!” he opens his wings rushing towards Hao. “I will have your head!”

He flies right at him.


Lots of weapons appear at the back of Hao as he begins to launch all of them to the general, who can’t get much closer to him, but still, manages to parry the blades with his sword, as most of them are deflected this way. He still manages to fly and elude the blades as he remained on the ground in the exact same place he was, constantly shooting weapons out of nowhere. His never ending storm of metal didn’t give time for the Salamander general to shorten distance to the Imperator, but even still he manages to move faster and eludes most of the spar coming his way parrying some. A red spear pierces thought his left arm and then a short golden one pierces his chest as he got nearer and nearer to the king. Blood came out of his wounds, but he didn’t care, he screams and raises his sword ready to smash Hao’s head with it, who remained the exact same place. Eugene lowers his weapons, but it stops millimeters from Hao’s face. Chains had wrapped around his arms.

“Hmm…Nice try I must say.”

The general struggles to get rid of the chains.

“Useless. Once Dromi and Loeding grabbed you, resistance is useless.


A huge fireball explodes in front of Hao, leaving just smoke around him. The General managed to get rid of the chains and flies up, while felling pain; he knew he had avenged his soldiers.

The smoke clears by a whirlwind of wind, which suddenly showed Hao with his shield Svalin rotating on his arm, standing still in the same place.


“Very good general! You are worthy of your name!”

The general rises up in the as he sheathes to his back his sword an readies a spell of fire magic.

“Your abilities and leadership are truly formidable, uniting the wills and dreams from Salamander player under you command and the flag of conquest. I appraise your effort.Yet, you seem not understand, that that dreams end, once the dreamer, awakes.”

A ripple appears on Hao’s hand, as the handle of a sword appears, as Hao grabs it while the golden ripple begins going up, revealing his sword.

“Therefore, it was inevitable that I would stand in your way Eugene. Now you shall face the end of your stupid dream. I personally, the Supreme King, shall end it right here and now!"


The weapon begins to swallow wind creating a violet energy around it that also covers Hao. Accelerating more and more the wind compressed inside it. The energy multiplied for each second the weapon did this.

The General finished creating a large solar sphere just above his head holding it with both of his hands.

Both of them where ready or the final attack.





Both attacks clash, creating a large shockwave across the place as strong winds coming out of the collision of the powers of the King and the General. Still, Hao didn’t move a single millimeter.

“hmm… this is boring…”

Hao uses more power in his attack as the wave of energy became bigger than the attack of the General, forcing it back and finally absorbing it. The General had no time to react, as the attack absorbed his body, killing him in a large explosion.

The sword falls from the sky and Hao grabs it.

“Demon Sword Gram…New sword now.”

He adds it to the collection, and then looks to the remaining forces of the Salamanders, and begins walking to them, as his armor reapers back again.


The salamanders what to run the opposite side, but from there each of the nine demons of hell appeared, blocking their way, and at their back, Hao’s legions.


He steps on the ground, as a strong sound came from it.


The salamanders get to their knees slowly in from near Hao to the back, similar to a domino effect. Hao smiles and begins laughing.

He walks forward between the surrendered men of Eugene.

“Relax now. I'm here to save you all from the biggest lie in history: Freedom. It’s the truth of humanity that never speaks about. We crave for subjugation. The bright light of freedom diminishes our life’s enjoyment, in a mad scramble for power. You were made to be ruled. In the end, you always kneel before me.”

Kagemune gets up, some meters from the King.

“Not to men like you.”

“Look to your comrade Salamanders. Thanks, for being the example: GUNGNIR!”

A black and golden spear appears at the back of Hao. It was launched and pierces though his heart. Kagemune fells the pain and gest to his knees, looking towards Hao while he grabbed the spear against his chest.

“There are no men like me.”

“No…There will always be men like you…”

Kagemune falls to the ground, as his HP reached zero, and shatters into polygons.

Hao laughs and walks all the way back to his cousin.

“Stand up those that would serve me.”

All of them stand up.

“Thanos! Take this to the city.”

He turns to his ally, Mordread who was looking to him.

“Now what?”

“The floor of this boss was defeated. War has begun. Eugene and his salamanders are out.”

“And our biggest concern then? Galant?”

“No. He’s very useful, though you can play with him if you want. But let him live if you do so. Our biggest concern then, the floor boss was defeated by a guild called Knights of Blood. Send your Band of the Nine. And I will send my own men.”

“What are you planning?”

He approaches his cousin with a grin on his face.


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