The rune in Asuka's hand.

Runes is a feature of Sword Art Online. They give the ability to imbue weapons or parts of the body with certain element (Fire, Lightning, Water, Wind, etc...). This feature of the game is the nearest thing to magic, alongside Sword Skills and Crystals.


Runes have to be crafted by a player with a skill known as "Rune Crafting". To create a rune, is necesary a special type of rock named Runic Crystal. From that material, the crafter can create the rune, but big quantities of rocks are needed. The more, the stronger the elemental power.

To equip a Rune to a weapon or the player's body, a skill known as "Runic Power" is needed. The same as the rest of the skills, this one levels up the more the user uses the runes in the battlefield. Runes can be equiped in any part of the body or the sword.

The only rune user known so far is Asuka. Ishi also used a runic glove.


  • Runes aren't present in ALfheim Online, as players can use the elements by magic.
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