Another piece of the Undine royal treasures. This Robe symbolize that the onwer is the descendant of the Undine godess. Samantha was also chosen to wea every piece of it.

Royal Set (Undine)
Item Info
Name Deepsea Robe, Deepsea Gauntlet, Deepsea Boots
VRMMORPG Alfheim Online
Location Undine's city
Quest None
Dropped By None
Item Type Full Armor
Sub-type Body, arms, Legs.
Status Owned



The whole set maees her look goddess like. She difinately is the princess of the sea, and anybody laying eyes on her, could be charmed easily. 


Alfheim Online


Deepsea Robe

Body / Armor

Type: Defence

Defence: 100

Magic: +20

Healing magic: +50

Deepsea Gauntlets

Arms / Gauntlets

Type: Defence

Defence: 35

Special effect: Makes the Sword of Truth gain a boost in attack power. +100

Deepsea Boots

Legs / Boots

Type: Defence

Defence: 35

Special effect: The user can make any part of water solid to walk on it.