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Royal Knights
Guild Info
Kanji ロイヤルナイツ
Romaji Roiyaru Naitsu
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Founder Galant
Focus Clear SAO
Defeating Army of Cerdic
Base of Operations Floor 50th
Status Disbanded


This night, we pay tribute for those who we've lost during this long year on this Death-Game. Fathers. Brothers and sisters. Friends and lovers. Hold them very close to you and take care of them. When shadows and dangers of Aincrad get close to you, you'll have to fight for your future together! BUT WE SHOULDN'T FORGET THOSE BRAVE PLAYERS WHO DIED SO FAR. THOSE WHO SACRIFICED THEIR LIVES! SO THAT ALL OF US CAN LIVE FREE!!!"
~ Galant

The Royal Knights is a small-size high-level guild in SAO. It was founded by Galant with the objective of clearing SAO, afterward, it became the Royal Knights United Player Army. It is the principal guild of Sword Art Online: Past of Ashes.



Symbol of the Royal Knights

The symbol of the Royal Knights is the combination of the first two letters of the two words of the guild's name (R and K) into just one.

All the members of the guild bear the symbol somewhere on their outfit, instead of using a uniform.


Formed with members that were all of the same school. They obtained the game thanks to Galahad's father, who was a programmer of Argus and managed to get for his son friends the game.


The base of the guild was formerly a small inn in Starting City on the first floor. After time passed they bought a medium castle on the 7th floor. later they had a base on the 34th floor, and then at 49th until they established on the 50th floor.


Name Rank Status
Galant Founder and Leader Left
Lance Second in Command Deceased
Guinevere Third in Command Deceased
Gawn Fourth/Second in Command Deceased
Dagonet Scout/Blacksmith Deceased
Bors Scout/Blacksmith Deceased
Percival Hunter/Recognition Deceased
Tristan Spy/Recognition Deceased
Galahad Head of Finances/Doctor Deceased
Elicia Honorary member Deceased


  • Defeaters of the boss of the 4th Floor (via Galant).
  • Unknown missions from the Army.
  • Defeaters of Cerdic and his Army.

Music Themes

Royal Knight's theme- King Arthur by Hans Zimmer

Royal Knight's theme- King Arthur by Hans Zimmer


  • Names are taken from the Knights of The Round Table, from the Arthurian legend.
    • The guild is based on the Knights of the Round Table.
    • The guild is named after and based on the Royal Knights from Digimon.
  • The Royal Knights were elected the Best Guild of 2013.
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